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Re: [WARD5] segments for Rhode Island Avenue

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  • Brooklander13
    So what you are telling me is that MPD has to make sure the trucks are rerouted? Seems like they have more important things to do like fight crime. And how can
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 16, 2014
      So what you are telling me is that MPD has to make sure the trucks are rerouted? Seems like they have more important things to do like fight crime. 

      And how can MPD enforce violators if the NO THRU TRUCKS OVER 1 - ¼ IS NOT UP? That makes no sense. The sign has to go back up. 

      We'd like to know who in DC GOVT took down the original sign restricting large vehicles? And why can't someone from DDOT just put it back up? Why does there have to be a study and waste of money to just do this?

      This morning from 5am -6am I listened to and counted 36 large trucks (dump trucks, rigs etc…) flying down Franklin Ave. This is unacceptable and the community wants a change. Petitions have been initiated and signed. Im very willing to upload photos and video with time day stamps to show that this is excessive and needs to be changed. This is a neighborhood with children who walk to school. A community of people who LIVE here and didnt sign up to live on a highway worried they can't even pull out of their own driveway. Its turned into NY AVE!

      The community wants an answer. I want an answer as to why this is being overlooked and pushed on the rug? It is a very simple fix. Put the sign back up!


      On Jan 15, 2014, at 9:07 PM, Debbie Steiner <DLSmith112@...> wrote:


      Hi Elise,

      This email I sent out relates to the study for RI Avenue Great Streets; whereby the RI East Team is focusing on improving the aesthetics along that corridor from 4th Street up to Eastern Avenue.  Sorry for the confusion. 

      Now regarding 'Our' study on Franklin Street from South Dakota up to Michigan, I sent you their response.  CM McDuffie's office, and I are working on additional calming measures; but for right now, MPD is our only choice.  Sorry... 

      I know MPD will enforce roadway violators aggressively; DDOT has sent notification too all of the subcontractors working in DC about the avoidance of the roadway violations; further, if MPD has cited a subcontractor more than once, MPD will send notify to the Subcontractor's company and DDOT.  Then, DDOT WILL cite/notify permit holders of the violation and take appropriate action.  

      I know this is hard for us right now, but these provisions are in place until we can get through the study.  

      Please keep me posted.  My Public Health and Safety Team is on this issue.

      Thanks, Debbie

      Triumph is only a word when it lacks moral and honest substance. 

      On Jan 15, 2014, at 5:29 PM, "Brooklander13" <brooklander13@...> wrote:


      I don't understand this message. Where does it say they are doing a Study on Franklin Street between RI AVE and Michigan and 13th St between RI AVE and Monroe?


      On Jan 15, 2014, at 5:23 PM, Debbie Steiner <DLSmith112@...> wrote:


      Triumph is only a word when it lacks moral and honest substance. 

      Begin forwarded message:

      From: RIAeastTeam <rhodeislandaveeast@...>
      Date: January 15, 2014 at 2:13:33 PM EST
      To: rhodeislandavenueeast@...
      Subject: segments for Rhode Island Avenue

      Hello everyone,

      Happy New Year! I hope you are doing well.


      I had not been in touch to provide you with an update to give you an opportunity to enjoy the holidays and then recover from the holidays when everyone goes back to school, work, etc. 


      I wanted to give you an update of where we are on the study.


      We have looked at all the responses that we received from the Citizen Advisory Committee, the meeting attendants plus many emails we received through the website and after counting everything we selected the two segments based on these responses.


      1st segment – 4th Street NE to Reed Street, NE

      2nd Segment – 20th to 24th Streets, NE


      In the next few days I will be sending out a short summary where you can read how we grouped the responses and how these segments were selected based on the responses we received.


      I also want to let you know that we already have the surveying team working out there (some of you have seen them) – as I explained to you during our meeting it has been many, many years since anything has been done on Rhode Island Avenue so the survey will be very helpful not only for these two segments but the scope of work included an additional segment to be surveyed.


      We will upload the findings to the webpage in the upcoming days and I will let you know when so you let your friends and neighbors know.


      Thank you again and please let me know if you have any questions,



      Gabriela Vega

      Transportation Planner

      District Department of Transportation

      Policy Planning and Sustainability Administration

      55 M Street, SE

      Washington, DC 20003

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