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whether hate crimes or assaults, new fads need MPD's attention

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  • brian
    WASHINGTON POST District police investigating random attacks similar to ‘knockout game’
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2014
      District police investigating random attacks similar to ‘knockout game’

      NBC NEWS
      Many states are now looking to crack down. lawmakers in Oklahoma and Illinois are moving to make knockouts a felony instead of a misdemeanor. Wisconsin may charge the person filming an attack and new york and new jersey are both considering upping prison time for those convicted in a knockout. which means someone like the person who attacked mark could get up to 25 years.

      This year let's hope MPD-PSA 504's stepped up actions around Brookland's Metro, whether for drug dealer/ drug user Brookland visitors or public space/ sidewalk/ alley/ vagrancy, etc. will also discourage any would-be Knock-Out 'gamers'.

      That goes for would-be house burglars and armed robberies/ muggers looking to profit from Brookland victims, as well. Whatever happened crime-wise in the rest of MPD's Fifth District, we saw too much of that in Brookland in 2013 ... and quite a lot of it in the less-pedestrian-used blocks east of 12th. Young perpetrators caught on cams roamed their house targets quite boldly and leisurely-- apparently fearing little from getting caught.

      Of course Brookland's institutions and school students (such as Luke C. Moore's students) are often as much victims of those outsiders using Metro so as to spread their criminal enterprises, as Brookland's full time residents are...

      How this computer sped from Room 220 of Luke C. Moore Academy in Northeast Washington to the pastor’s bungalow-style house near Shreveport’s airport is a testament to the speed and efficiency of the underground pipeline that drives crime, including the District’s stubbornly high number of robberies.

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