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Re: [MPD-5D] Arrest Made in the Fairway Market Burglary 2501 North Capitol Street, NE

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  • Debbie Steiner
    This is just WONDERFUL .. my team at work. Go get em. And for the witness-- you are 1 in a 1,000,000,000; and are truly appreciated for stepping up and
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      This is just WONDERFUL .. my team at work.  Go get'em.  And for the witness-- you are 1 in a 1,000,000,000; and are truly appreciated for stepping up and helping the out! 

      Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life, as by the obstacles which one has overcome while trying to succeed.

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      On Sep 16, 2013, at 5:32 PM, "Beach, Mark (MPD)" <mark.beach@...> wrote:


      It with great pride that the Fifth Police District and Fifth District Detective's Office announce a significant arrest in a break in at the Fairway Market, 2501 North Capitol Street, NE, in Patrol Service Area 502. 


      Cases of this nature are not easy to solve.  The teamwork and collective effort brought forth by the following members of your Metropolitan Police Department led to the successful closure of this commercial Burglary within 8 hours of this offense being committed!


      The team that worked to solve this case involved the preliminary investigation performed on the scene by Patrol Officers Lloyd Murphy and Xavier Greene, the Forensics Examination performed by Mobile Crime Technicians Thomas Coughlin and Charles Egan and the relentless investigative follow up in this case performed by Investigator Jonathan Jordan.




      On September 15, 2013, at approximately 11:00 AM, Fifth District Patrol Officers Lloyd Murphy and Xavier Greene responded to 2501 North Capitol Street, Northeast, for the report of a Burglary. The location is a convenience store. They were met by the Complainant, who advised that a subject had broken into his store and stolen property from the location. The officers called for a Fifth District Detective and Mobile Crime Technicians to assist in this investigation.


      Investigator Jonathan Jordan responded to the location and interviewed the Complainant who advised that at approximately 10:50 AM that morning, he arrived at his store at 2501 North Capitol Street, Northeast, to open the business for the day. He entered the store and noticed that the lock to the register area had been broken, the cash register had been pried open, and coins were strewn about the floor. He checked the store and discovered that U.S. currency, lottery tickets, and cigarettes had been stolen from the business. He advised that a second-story window had been forced open, and an interior door leading from the unoccupied second story of the building to the store area had been forced open, as well.  Mobile Crime Technicians Thomas Coughlin and Charles Egan processed the crime scene and provided valuable forensic evidence vital to Investigator Jordan's case.


      Investigator Jordan located and interviewed a witness and was able to determine that a black male subject wearing a black shirt and dark pants entered the business through the rear interior door that leads to the second story. The suspect loaded objects into a dark-colored bag then left through the same door which he entered.


      Based upon information provided by the witness and Patrol Officers, Investigator Jordan developed a suspect in this break in.  Investigator Jordan was able to determine the suspect's identity and the fact that the he resided in a home located within the Unit Block of Girard Street, NE.  Patrol Officers Murphy and Greene, along with Investigator Jordan responded to that location and located the suspect where he was placed under arrest.


      A District of Columbia Search Warrant was prepared and served at the suspects residence shortly after the arrest.  That search revealed direct evidence that placed this suspect at the scene of this commercial Burglary and property that was taken from this Burglary.


      The Defendant was transported to the Fifth District Detectives Office for processing and will appear in DC Superior Court later this morning.


      This is just another example of the hard work and team effort exhibited by our Patrol Officers, Investigators/Detectives of the Fifth Police District and support by members of our Forensic Sciences Division that serve you.  We are very proud of their efforts and their continued focus on community policing, outreach, crime, the fear of crime and eliminating crime conditions.


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