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[MPD-5D] Late night noise on weekdays at Penn and Montello

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  • Beach, Mark (MPD)
    Christian, thank you for your observations and providing detailed information about your concerns. We always ask that if you witness or are involved in an
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      Christian, thank you for your observations and providing detailed information about your concerns.  We always ask that if you witness or are involved in an incident, event, activity or the commission of a crime in progress, please call 9-1-1 immediately
      Do not hesitate to call 9-1-1, providing us with the most detailed descriptions of what you have seen, heard, smelled or what you may been involved in so as we can respond accordingly.  Should you see a weapon(s) or hear what you believe to be the sounds of gunshots, include those descriptions as well.  Specify the type of weapon (knife, gun, tire iron, box cutter, ect..) and the number of shots fired and from what direction you heard them if at all possible. 
      Frustrated with our response or should you ever catch us doing something right, feel free to contact our Patrol District Watch Commander on 202-327-4392.  Our Patrol District Watch Commander is available and on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  That's right, unlike other agencies, we work weekends, Holidays, after dark and still make house calls!
      I will pass along your observations Christian to Patrol Service Area Team 506 led by Lieutenant Gary Durand for immediate follow-up.  Lieutenant Durand can also be reached via e-mail at; gary.durand@...
      Mark Beach
      Assistant Patrol District Commander
      Metropolitan DC Police Department
      Fifth Police District
      1805 Bladensburg Road, NE
      Washington, DC 20002
      202-345-1313 BeachBerry
      202-698-0150 5D Station Operations
      202-327-4392 5D Watch Commander
      202-698-0111 5D Command Complex 
      202-727-9099 Command Information Center
      "Commitment to Excellence" 
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      Subject: [MPD-5D] Late night noise on weekdays at Penn and Montello


      There has been a lot of noise lately at the corner of Penn and Montello and down the 1400 block of Montello. A lot of which has been occurring during the week in the early morning. 

      I've made some 911 calls and texts to 50-411 but it doesn't usually initiate any kind of police response. I'm not too concerned with noise on Friday and Saturday and even when it happens up til Midnight. But it's been getting later and later that there will be groups of people loitering between 2am and 4am, talking very loudly, drinking from what i can tell. 

      I can tell it bothers most of my neighbors too when i talk to them but i think they've just accepted it. With so many of them having babies i can't imagine they get much sleep those nights when the noise carries on into the early morning. 

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