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RE: [MPD-5D] Recent shootings into residences

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  • Solberg, Andrew (MPD)
    Can the writer please contact me directly? Andy Solberg Commander, 5D DCPS starts up again on August 26th! Enroll your student today by submitting completed
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      Can the writer please contact me directly?


      Andy Solberg

      Commander, 5D





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      Subject: [MPD-5D] Recent shootings into residences



      Dear Listserv Members, Commander Solberg:

      We wanted to share recent incidents for everyone's safety and awareness involving shooting of firearms into family residences. On the 1500 B/O Gales St NE there have been 3 such shootings in the last 3 months, all related to the Pentacle Apts' rear parking lot area and access ways to this complex.

      In June, a neighbor found what appeared to be a bullet hole shot through their carport door, which faces the parking lot. In July, another neighbor was awakened at night when a bullet shot through her front door and then passed through her back door. The shot traveled from the alley leading to this same parking lot. Just last week, a third neighbor whose home backs up to the Pentacle Apts heard the sound of 2 projectiles striking the back window of their home and found what looked like 2 BB holes through the window. The police were called in all 3 cases.

      Thankfully, no one was physically hurt in any of these incidents, but of course we are concerned for our families and neighbors, and would encourage everyone to be aware of unusual activity and please report anything suspicious. We know that the offenders may not necessarily stay at the Pentacles, and would live in or move through nearby areas.

      Commander Solberg, from what we understand the police have been responsive in the above incidents and we appreciate the officers at work every day and night. We feel we need to work on more pro-active steps to be taken, including engaging with the property owners of the Pentacle Apts, to help prevent repeated and potentially more serious incidents from occurring. As you know, the parking lot and the areas immediately around it have witnessed various serious incidents involving gun violence, in the last few months alone.

      If anyone can provide helpful information to identify the offenders or help with preventative measures in general, please contact the police or respond to this post.

      Very concerned neighbors on 1500 B/O Gales St NE

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