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Update: Metropolis AA Club (10th & RI Avenue)

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  • Steptoe, Carolyn C.(ANC 5B04)
    Dear 5B04 Community - Happy Saturday! An fyi that I just left a meeting with the management of Metropolis AA Club. The manager (Mr. Harris) and I spoke about
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 27, 2013
      Dear 5B04 Community -
      Happy Saturday!  An fyi that I just left a meeting with the management of Metropolis AA Club.  The manager (Mr. Harris) and I spoke about 30-45 mins. about neighborhood concerns including loitering (which is not illegal in the District of Columbia) and cat-calls to female pedestrians enroute to metro.  I conveyed to Mr. Harris neighbors' empathy toward its AA patrons but also the role of Metropolis to function as good neighbors.
      Mr. Harris was very receptive and assured me he will promptly handle.  I believe a noticeable change will occur immediately.  Mr. Harris is there daily and can be reached on 202-216-9822.
      Very kind regards,
      Commissioner Carolyn C. Steptoe
      Single Member District 5B04
      Vice Chairperson, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5B
      (202) 321-3860/ANC cell
      (202) 636-8191/home
      (pardon typos, etc.)
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