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Missing Child On West Virginia Ave., NE...

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  • brian
    Don and I join Commissioner Dumas and a heartbroken city in extending our condolences, thoughts and prayers to the Kingsbury family for their profound loss.
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 11, 2013
      Don and I join Commissioner Dumas and a heartbroken city in extending our condolences, thoughts and prayers to the Kingsbury family for their profound loss.

      Our family has some sense of the grief and emptiness they feel in the wake of this tragedy.

      George Santayana reminds all of us still with his famous quote, "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

      This is a tragedy which should never happen again. Nor should we now ignore this tragedy, especially if lessons learned from it can spare another DC family such heartache... next week, next month, next year, whenever.

      Accordingly, it is important to review our police department's processes and procedures regarding this incident-- while still fresh in our minds. That's not to point fingers and not just to reveal to a concerned city what transpired, but to figure out how MPD processes, procedures and responses to missing children can be improved.

      Going forward, let us all hope this can be a respectful, public discussion-- inviting inquiries, comments and suggestions for MPD improvement from all.

      I have a question for 5D, and Lt. Gary Durand...

      The first word that Michael Kingsbury was missing was not posted to *this MPD-5D* listserv until Monday morning (July 8) at 8:30 a.m. (see copy below) by Lieutenant Durand. However, no message regarding this child's disappearance appeared at all on this listserv on Sunday the 7th.

      There were two messages posted here on the 7th-- and I recall dropping in from Yahoo!'s My Groups option late Sunday to see if there was anything new. So the MPD listserv was apparently working as normal on Sunday.

      Lieutenant Durand, can you tell us why there was no posting regarding this case to the 5D listserv on Sunday? 

      Also, Lieutenant, could you give us some idea what the situation was on Monday morning-- and what or who caused you to copy Metcalf's email alert to you of the previous day to this 5D listserv?

      Thanks so much. Looking forward to your response.

      PSA 504

      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, "vonetta5d02" wrote (9 July, 0049):

      Little Michael Kingsbury

      Today was not a good day for the Kingsbury family.... The search has come to a tragic end for 7 year old Michael Kingsbury. I am at a loss for words for how and why little Micheal life ended as it has and left my heart along with many others grieved with the family.
      As a concerned neighbor and Commissioner I am more empowered that we have to be our brothers keeper. We have to be the eyes and ears of our community and step in whenever needed when we see or hear things that seem inappropriate and not tolerate crime of any kind to happen around us...

      Commissioner Vonetta Dumas, 5D02

      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, Jaime Fearer wrote (8 July, 1406):

      Though we've seen no formal advice on how residents can assist with the search beyond sharing available information, it is a good idea to check your yards, sheds, garages, and alleys (and any other out-of-the-way spots on and around your property), and to please spread the word to your neighbors and friends to do the same.

      MPD - what else can residents do to assist in the search?

      Many thanks,

      Secretary, Trinidad Neighborhood Association


      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, "Durand, Gary (MPD)"
      wrote (8 July, 0833):

       Please see the below Press Release. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

      Gary Durand
      1805 Bladensburg Road NE
      Washington DC 20002

       From: Metcalf, Paul (MPD)
      Sent: Sunday, July 07, 2013 1:12 PM
      To: Durand, Gary (MPD)
      Subject: 7.7.13 Missing Person Critical: 1700 Blk West Virginia Ave., NE Michael Kingsbury

      > Contact: Paul Metcalf (202-727-4383)
      > July 7, 2013
      > Missing Person Critical: Michael Kingsbury
      > (Washington, DC)-The Metropolitan Police Department is seeking the public�s assistance in locating a critical missing person identified as 7 year-old Michael Kingsbury. He was last seen on Sunday, July 7, 2013, between 9:00 and 9:30 am in the 1700 block of West Virginia Avenue, NE.
      > Michael is described as a black male, approximately 4�3� tall, approximately 60 pounds, dread locks, with a light complexion. He was last seen wearing a pull up and may be in need of medical attention.
      > [cid:image001.png@...]
      > Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Michael Kingsbury is asked to call the Metropolitan Police Department at 202-727-9099, Youth Investigations Division at 202-576-6768 or 911.
      > Officer Paul Metcalf
      > Office of Communications
      > Public Information Office
      > 202-727-4383

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