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Re: [MPD-5D] Little Michael Kingsbury

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  • Mr. Keith Jarrell
    My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time of grieving. Only in God will they find the answers to so many unanswered questions. Little Michael
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 9, 2013
      My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this time of grieving. Only in God will they find the answers to so many unanswered questions. 
      Little Michael rests peacefully in the arms of Jesus, asleep and with eternal peace.
      He'll suffer no more.

      5D is most fortunate to have Commander Solberg as he is a top cop with more than just a shiny badge. He puts his heart into what he does and his emotions are a part of who he is.  He is first class and I know that the men and women that work for him are as well. I am privileged to know Commander Solberg for many years and have always admired his kind generous ways of serving the community. 

      I am sorry that the community has yet another tragedy. Especially that it involved such a vulnerable young child that for whatever the reason had already been dealt more than his share of life's burdens. May his Mother know that many of us grieve with her and that although only her heart knows the level of grief of a mother's loss there will be a million tears shed over this young life coming to an end and the terrible circumstances involved. 

      I am in Clearwater for a rest but could not help to watch this story as it unfolded yesterday via Twitter.  I prayed that we would see a much different ending and that things would be okay. Although we'll never know why, rest assured that God had a plan for Michael and his innocence is now transformed into a life with no pain and no challenges.

      Thank you Commissioner Dumas for your service to the community and to this family as only a compassionate heart can help calm the grief and pain induced by such a loss. You are truly called to serve with the emotion that you put in your words and in your deeds of late. The community should be grateful for your attention to those that needed it most yesterday and in the near future as they will certainly need many a shoulder to cry on. 

      Although away from DC for another few days, I will continue my prayers for the family and each of you that have experienced this tragedy first hand. Thank you again for your support of the family in these difficult times.

      Keith Jarrell  

      On Tue, Jul 9, 2013 at 12:49 AM, vonetta5d02 <vonetta5d02@...> wrote:

      Today was not a good day for the Kingsbury family.... The search has come to a tragic end for 7 year old Michael Kingsbury. I am at a loss for words for how and why little Micheal life ended as it has and left my heart along with many others grieved with the family.

      In times like these. Who helps the family? During tragedies the police conducts their routine investigations and reporters swarm around in order to get the scoop to report.

      Meanwhile, a family is grieving real tears, they have tons of unspoken questions and hands are up at a loss as to what to do. This was the case in this situation and I am sure countless others.

      I have been with the Kingsbury family all evening and they are reasonably distraught and in need of your prayers and support. I prayed with the family, made sure the kids had food to eat, refreshments to drink and help out in other ways. The blessing as I was prepared to pay for the food out of my own pocket the Mayors office stepped in and paid with credit card.

      I am very happy to serve as Ward 5 Commissioner, along side some outstanding community leaders, Commissioner Kathy Henderson and Commissioner Peta-Gay Lewis, Commissioner Jackie Manning, Mark Williams, the Mayors Community Outreach Specialist, and who arrived 1st along with Carl Thomas from the Mayors Office, Councilmember McDuffie and Ward 5 neighbors to offer support as we were their rallying together to begin another search and bring awareness to the community. But, instead we came together to help the family during their time of grief.

      It was great to see Commander Solberg on the scene with his team of officers and grateful I might add that he gave the officers orders to allow me access in and out of the crime area in my efforts to support the family. The officers were on duty and very protective of the scene careful not to let anything interfere with the investigations. I commend Captain Wright for coming out on his off day and knowing 5D had the very best investigators in charge of conducting the investigations. I have comfort knowing justice will be served concerning this matter.

      It is in my opinion more could of been done. I am not one to point fingers. But, with so much crime in this area and everything going on somewhere this amber alert didn't get the attention it deserved. This community has taken a lot of hits and as a community has made a lot of strides and we have the community leaders, concerned citizens and 5D Police Department to thank for it.

      This tragedy is another example we are not their yet. As a community lets stay in the fight and come together to take more initiative. The police can not do it alone. It is very common to believe that our list serves and social media is the only way to reach the community. Many in our community are not aware of other methods of communication. This tragedy is an example that we have to continue our grassroots efforts and put our foot to the pavement. The community at large was not aware that little Micheal was missing and posters should have been out a lot earlier. Everyone is not computer savvy. So, lets not forget our grassroots effort and be apart of the change we want to see.

      I am very happy to report that Ward 5 Community leaders have stepped up and Department of Mental Health Mobile crisis Unit came out to speak with the mother. Commissioners, and Mayors Reps were their until the family departed leaving their testimony of thanks to the reporters that was still on the scene.

      We as neighbors have to try not to be desensitized to alerts as they come. The unfortunate tragedy for the loss of this baby was found steps away from his doorstep in a car. It was said that the police, neighbors and the family looked in the car and surrounding area and found no trace of the child prior to this.

      As a concerned neighbor and Commissioner I am more empowered that we have to be our brothers keeper. We have to be the eyes and ears of our community and step in whenever needed when we see or hear things that seem inappropriate and not tolerate crime of any kind to happen around us. It is not yet discovered the nature of this baby disappearance. But, I only hope if anyone have seen or heard anything they will come forth.

      Commissioner Vonetta Dumas, 5D02


      Even life begins because, a baby fights for freedom. 

      (Let Freedom Ring)

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      Keith Jarrell

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