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Re: [MPD-5D] Last word on Armed robbery of XM Radio employee

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  • Rynecki
    Greetings - I would like to acknowledge the efforts Lt. Wright and his team have been making since our last PSA meeting. we now have a regular foot patrol
    Message 1 of 7 , Jan 29, 2007
      Greetings -

      I would like to acknowledge the efforts Lt. Wright and
      his team have been making since our last PSA meeting.
      we now have a regular foot patrol during the peak
      morning hours on Eckington Place and Florida Ave NE. I
      saw an empty squad Friday night parked outside XM
      Radio. This is good to see! Please keep it up.

      I received a call from Metro Transit Police today.
      Sgt. Enoch will deploy plain clothes officers to the
      NY Ave Metro station during peak hours in the morning
      and afternoon hours to increase saftey. WMATA is
      piloting a CCTV system at the U Street Station. If
      that pilot is successful we hope to see some at the NY
      Ave station hopefully this year.

      Best regards,
      Steve Rynecki

      --- Rynecki <srynecki@...> wrote:

      > Greetings -
      > I'm providing a final update to the list on this
      > activity. I met with Lt. Ronald Wright at last
      > night's
      > neighborhood PSA meeting. Lt. Wright did an
      > excellent
      > job of explaining trends and causes for the crime
      > we're experiencing.
      > I think it's of paramount importance that
      > Councilmember Mendelson and Thomas work with all
      > ANCs
      > to find legislative means to empower our police and
      > to
      > hit at the sources of crime, which tend to be youth
      > oriented.
      > We need help on:
      > 1. A new loitering law to easily disperse groups
      > that
      > lower our quality of life;
      > 2. Readily available statistics (hopefully
      > web-based)
      > related to crime type, location and frequency;
      > 3. Legislation that allows officers to spend more
      > time
      > policing as opposed to being in court;
      > 4. Easily levied penalties for parents and guardians
      > of youth subject to papered arrests;
      > 5. Academic suspension and truancy policies that
      > keep
      > youth in school and productive instead of wandering
      > the streets looking for and finding trouble.
      > We agreed that Metro Police need to be brought into
      > the discussion and problem solving for this. I'm
      > favorably impressed with MPD 5D's response. Our
      > civic
      > association looks forward to teaming up with all
      > applicable law enforcement agencies to improve
      > awareness and prevention tactics. I'd also like to
      > recognize contributions from ANC Stu Davenport and
      > my
      > friend Debbie Smith last night.
      > Thanks and don't worry about any more emails from me
      > for awhile. Phil - please check your email or use
      > Fenty's new computerized system - we need you to be
      > responsive.
      > Steve Rynecki
      > Eckington Civic Assn
      > --- Rynecki <srynecki@...> wrote:
      > > Dear Commander Greene:
      > >
      > > Thank you for your response. I applaud your
      > propsed
      > > outreach to XM Radio and FedEx to work with those
      > > firms. Apparently XM is exploring the possibility
      > of
      > > hiring off duty police officers to partol the area
      > > where we're seeing increased crime.
      > >
      > > I still think a patrol car (unmanned) parked on
      > > Eckington Place is a deterrent and 1 CCTV on
      > > Eckington Place located at the alley between Q
      > > Street
      > > and Quincy Place NE would be needed. Metro Police
      > > should install a CCTV on Florida Ave for folks
      > > walking
      > > to and from the metro - I don't know anyone at the
      > > Metro Police Dept, I'm hoping you do.
      > >
      > > Again, I appreciate your detailed response!
      > >
      > > Best regards,
      > > Steve Rynecki
      > >
      > > >
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