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Re: MPD-GLLU Affiliate Officers (+MPD performance issues)

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  • brian
    ... I wish that were true when it came to actual MPD police responses to all anti-LGBT incidents and hate crimes, V. But it just isn t. Accurate reporting by
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2013
      --- On Wed, 5/1/13, --- In MPD-1D@yahoogroups.com, brian wrote:

      I wish that were true when it came to actual MPD police responses to all anti-LGBT incidents and hate crimes, V. But it just isn't.

      Accurate reporting by initial non-GLLU MPD responders can be non-existent unless a MPD-GLLU officer is called to the scene in LGBT-related cases.

      To err is human. And even experienced MPD-GLLU officers can make reporting mistakes which need 'AMENDING' (correcting of errors or omissions). 

      All crime victims should insist upon accurate police reporting on PD-10 and PD-251 reports. If crime victims do not receive a CCN number and calling card from responding officers they should definitely question the officer(s) as to why...

      That's especially important with respect to hate crimes and stalking crimes, where the crimes can often repeat and escalate in severity unless a perpetrator is stopped. Having an ACCURATE 'paper trail' of police reports can be essential to apprehending a repeat hate crime offender or stalker.

      There is more to good Community Policing than just a dedication to a diverse, inclusive PD force.

      PSA 504

      P.S. -- If you don't get professional and accurate police service from anyone at MPD, you can always file a complaint with DC's Office of Police Complaints...

      ... and perhaps send a courtesy copy to COUNCIL's Judiciary and Public Safety Committee members-- who have oversight responsibility for MPD -- especially if there appears to be a discriminatory or biased policing problem.


      --- In MPD-1D@yahoogroups.com, VF wrote:

      Thank you for this! I appreciate knowing that our police force has such a program and is dedicated to inclusion!

      On Wed, May 1, 2013 at 11:55 AM, brian.ions <brian.ions@...> wrote:

      Thank you, Commander Hickson. I'll pass your note on to out_on_the_hill and to our BGLBT list members, as well-- for those in PSA's 103 and 104.

      I remember a time when a Commander in another District wasn't conversationally familiar with the GLLU Affiliate program, let alone knew them by name.

      The SLD unit was a good bit newer then, of course.


      --- In MPD-1D@yahoogroups.com, "Hickson, Daniel (MPD)" wrote:

      Thank you for posting the information. You can also add Officer Laini Evans as a 1D GLLU affiliate.

      Commander Daniel Hickson

      Metropolitan Police Department

      First District

      101 M Street SW

      202-729-2037 Office

      202-270-2279 Cell


      From: MPD-1D@yahoogroups.com [MPD-1D@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of brian [brian.ions@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, May 01, 2013 7:49 AM
      To: BrooklandGLBT listserv; out_on_the_hill
      Cc: MPD-5D; MPD-4D; MPD-1D
      Subject: [MPD-1D] MPD-GLLU Affiliate Officers Lists for 1D, 4D and 5D...


      For LGBT residents and stakeholders in MPD's First, Fourth and Fifth District, Sgt. Matt Mahl of GLLU has kindly provided this list of GLLU Affiliate Officer's names by District...

      1st District -- 101 M Street Southwest -- 202-698-0555
      1st District Sub-Station -- 500 E Street Southeast -- 202-698-0068
      Sgt. Latoyia Heath
      Sgt. Subrina Rivers
      Sgt. Diedra Whitaker
      Ofc. Lisa Worrell
      Ofc. Erica Grossman
      Ofc. Kerry Long
      Ofc. Lawrence Mopkins
      Ofc. Charles Johnson
      Ofc. Kimberly Sims
      Ofc. David Jones
      4th District -- 6001 Georgia Avenue Northwest -- 202-715-7400
      4th District Sub-Station -- 750 Park Road Northwest -- 202-576-8222
      Ofc. Medgar Webster
      Ofc. Israel james
      Ofc. Jennifer Gelsomino
      Ofc. Romayo Simon
      Ofc. Krystal Cannata
      Ofc. Derrick Potts
      Ofc. Julie Keaveny
      Ofc. Clayton Bass
      Ofc. Marsha Ferrell
      Ofc. Dana Spriggs
      Ofc. Courtney Clark
      Ofc. Eric Frost
      Ofc. Shauntelle Anderson
      Ofc. Melissa Haendler
      Ofc. Michael Biakeski
      Ofc. Edwin Thompson
      5th District -- 1805 Bladensburg Road Northeast -- 698-0150
      Ofc. Candice Carey
      Ofc. Justin Marlow
      Ofc. Georgette Littlejohn
      MPO Gary Thompson
      Ofc. Sharde Harris
      Ofc. Jerry Holmes
      MPO Shuntae Brown
      Ofc. Kathryn Skaluba
      Ofc. Crystal Ruiz
      Sergeant Matthew N. Mahl
      Patrol Services and School Security Bureau
      Gay and Lesbian Liaison Unit
      Metropolitan Police Department
      Washington DC
      Cell 202-553-4228
      Fax 202-459-2226

      Thank you, Sergeant Mahl.

      PSA 504
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