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[MPD-5D] Welcome to Washington

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  • Beach, Mark (MPD)
    Dr. Bowers-Evangelista; on behalf of the brave men and women of the Metropolitan Police Department s Fifth Police District we welcome you to our community and
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 24, 2013
      Dr. Bowers-Evangelista; on behalf of the brave men and women of the Metropolitan Police Department's Fifth Police District we welcome you to our community and look forward to serving you!
      Mark Beach
      Captain of Police
      Metropolitan DC Police Department
      Fifth Police District
      1805 Bladensburg Road, NE
      Washington, DC 20002
      202-345-1313 BlackBerry
      202-698-0150 5D Station Operations
      202-327-4392 5D Watch Commander
      202-698-0111 5D Command Complex 
      202-727-9099 Command Information Center
      "Commitment to Excellence" 
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      Welcome to our wonderful city and 5D community Dr. Bowers-Evangelista.

      Captain Morgan Kane, MPA
      Fifth District Station
      Metropolitan Police Department
      1805 Bladensburg Road, NE
      Washington, DC 20002
      202-391-6862 (cell)
      202-698-0150 (station)

      On Apr 24, 2013, at 9:13 AM, "Ann Bowers-Evangelista" <a.bowersevangelista@...> wrote:


      To MPD-5 and residents -

      My husband and I are nota residents of MPD-5 or even Washington as of yet. We are relocating from Florida in a few weeks and will be residents of MPD-5. I joined this listserv a few weeks ago to get a sense of what the crime is really like in this area. As a recent city dweller in Atlanta, I know the importance of community involvement in crime prevention.

      What I have learned from this listserve is so much more than just what's happening I'm a crime perspective. I have observed an incredibly involved, caring, and proactive community. The sense of pride and participation from the citizens, and the responsiveness from the officers, is astounding. I hope Atlanta PD come down to observe more than just the bike patrol for the Beltline!

      The activity here has helped reinforce our decision to buy a home in this part of the city.  I know we will be proud members of the MPD-5 community and we are excited to get involved.

      Thanks for all you do!

      Dr. Ann B-E

      On Apr 24, 2013 8:19 AM, "Mary Alzire Papadopoulos" <maryalzire@...> wrote:

      Well said! Thank ypu, MPD.

      On Apr 24, 2013 6:25 AM, "Dianne Kotowicz" <dkotowicz@...> wrote:

      I wanted to thank MPD for all that you are doing to make this a better, safer city. The change these last few years has been amazing. We are very proud to be Washingtonians, and boast about our great Police Chief and all that the entire force is accomplishing. It is also amazing to watch how hard you work to engage the community in an effort to be more effective.
      Thank you and stay safe!

      On 4/23/13 10:18 PM, "Beach, Mark (MPD)" <mark.beach@...> wrote:


      Thanks Elizabeth for taking time out of your busy day and recognising our efforts. We train and deploy a number of officers each day in assignments other than in Patrol Cars. We feel that having our Officers on foot patrol, mountain bike, Segways and on motorcycles breaks down the barriers between us and you by removing those cruiser doors. It allows our Officers to hear, see and sometimes smell the positive and negative of a neighborhood. I believe we are more approachable and in turn become active listeners on issues and conditions effecting each of you. We love it when you catch us doing something right and we will share your kind comments with the members of PSA 502 who actively patrol the trails you were on today.    
      From: Elizabeth Lyttleton [mailto:eblyttleton@...]
      Sent: Tuesday, April 23, 2013 06:13 PM
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      Subject: [MPD-5D] Thanks so much for bike patrols!

      Just wanted to say a quick thank you for the bike patrols on the MBT! As we entered the trail at 8th today, a pair of officers on bikes were riding off the trail. Also, further down the trail a couple of officers were having a snack on a bench with their bikes nearby. I love seeing bike patrols on the trail - their presence helps make the trail a great asset!


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      April is National 9-1-1 Education Month!
      Create a Safety Profile for your household at Smart911.com.
      It’s free, 100% private and secure. Help 9-1-1, help you!


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