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RE: [MPD-5D] Request for info #2 - 4/16/13

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  • Beach, Mark (MPD)
    Let me apologize that your first request for more information on this incident, posted on April 17th, was left unanswered. This offense occurred at the Turkey
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      Let me apologize that your first request for more information on this incident, posted on April 17th, was left unanswered.  This offense occurred at the Turkey Thicket Recreation Center at 1100 Michigan Ave NE.


      The complainant reported to MPD that his Apple iPhone 4S had been stolen.  While completing the offense report, it was determined that the iPhone was left unattended on the ground and a suspect grabbed it and ran away eastbound on Michigan Ave NE.


      The area was canvassed for the suspect with negative results.


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      Subject: [MPD-5D] Request for info #2 - 4/16/13


      Good morning,

      My first request for more information on this incident (see below), posted on April 17th, was left unanswered. Therefore, I am resubmitting it in hopes of getting and update from MPD-5D. And, could you please alert the community if this incident is in any way related to the Noyes Educational Camus, since it appears that the area to the rear of the trailers seem to be a place where youths are convening and casing problems.

      Could additional information, including the location, regarding this incident be made available, please?

      PSA: 504
      CCN: 13049521
      RPT DATE: 04/16/2013 18:14
      OFFENSE: Theft/Other
      METHOD: Theft 2nd Degree
      LOCATION: Park/Playground
      START DT: 04/16/2013 18:14
      END DT: 04/16/2013 18:14

      Thank you very much in advance!

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