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'Squeaky Wheel Policing': MPD-504 Response to Noyes Area Complaint

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  • brian
    I want to thank former ANC Commissioner Rayseen Woodland for relating the outrageous, threatening behavior she and her grandson received at the Noyes Education
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 22, 2013
      I want to thank former ANC Commissioner Rayseen Woodland for relating the outrageous, threatening behavior she and her grandson received at the Noyes Education Campus while they were just walking her dogs.

      As Rayseen noted in her initial alert to our neighborhood listserv...
      "I am asking for police coverage to look for unwelcomed behavior and protection for others who may walk through the area.  My understanding is that the kids that were rude and disorderly do not attend Noyes Education Campus, nor do they live near the school. This type of behavior can be intimidating, life threatening and is definitely unwelcomed in our community."
      Rayseen's neighbors, Erin and Terri as well Marie Lee and our always-proactive area ANC Commissioner Gigi Ransom expressed their concern for that public safety problem as well. Many thanks to them, too for highlighting Rayseen's intolerable incident.

      I especially want to thank our Otis Street neighbor Carol Flemining for posting to the MPD-5D listserv, the full Brookland listserv thread which Rayseen started. Carol Fleming is a terrific, long-standing Brookland public safety and 5D-CAC activist. So it is unlikely a post by Carol to the MPD-5D listserv will be ignored or altered by MPD-HQ downtown-- as has occurred in the recent past.

      Accordingly, Sunday, MPD PSA 504 Lt. Bernat responded to Carol's post on the MPD-5D listserv, promising Rayseen Woodland and Noyes area residents that he has alerted his "PSA 504 members and they will keep an eye on this location and 'address' any unlawful activity."

      Of course Brooklanders hope Lt. Bernat is able to keep that promise for Rayseen, Erin, Terri and all their neighbors around Noyes.

      However, Brookland residents everywhere deserve comparably fast, responsive and informative service from MPD-504-- whether responding in person on the streets of Brookland, or in response to listserv inquiries regarding crime incidents in our neighborhoods.

      For example, there is no excuse for misinforming PSA 504 residents if their inquiries about *gunshots they heard at night* refer to MPD-reported gunshots from only a block or two outside of PSA 504's boundaries. While a MPD answer that 'no gunshots were reported from a 504 vicinity' -- 14th and Kearney, e.g.-- may be technically accurate, such a response imay be misleading to nearby 504 residents concerned about potential 'drive-by' shootings, and whether to take additional precautions for themselves and their loved ones.

      MPD-5D listserv responders should always err on the side of disclosing MORE potential crime prevention and precautionary information to Brookland residents, not less.

      moreover, not publishing, significantly altering or completely ignoring MPD-5D listserv questions on a police listserv without good cause is not just negligent and/or discriminatory policing -- it's dishonest policing. It may even violate federal communications law.

      There is also no excuse for MPD-504 appearing to FALSIFY a reckless, DUI hit-and-run driver MPD PD10 report. Nor is there any excuse for MPD foot-dragging in correcting egregiously FALSE information when MPD (even at its highest levels) is repeatedly alerted to said egregious, relevant and material MPD-504 reporting errors.

      In addition, there is no reason that Taft school area residents-- or anyone else in PSA-504/ Brookland should have to put up with disruptive, noise-at-night, public drinking and other such DC law violations. Good PSA 504 and MPD-5D policing should be proactively seeking out information and intel from area residents complaining of such problems.

      Why aren't concerned residents, businesses and community stakeholders around 12th Street, Otis, Newton and Monroe -- and their Brookland/CUA Metro Station pedestrian users (including CUA's on and off-campus students) getting MPD listserv answers-- or even the courtesy of responses regarding some crime incidents MPD has been questioned about?

      Why the selective police response from MPD-5D and PSA 504?

      A few months ago, on Otis Street , * we had a horrific, attempted murder of a mugged victim on his way to a new Brookland eatery-- still in daylight, shorty after 6 pm. This gentleman was stabbed by his muggers about the neck and in his chest, AFTER he fully cooperated with his muggers.

      Not only has MPD-504 not offered information about that Metro Station area crime investigation's progress, it has inexplicably failed to reply to TWO requests regarding an apparent arrest on Otis Street on the night of 11 Apr/ 12 April-- maybe less than 100 feet away from that stabbing in mid-February.

      Gosh! All it takes MPD-HQ to do is to reply to its own MPD-5D listserv inquiries. What's so difficult about that?

      Our area ANCs are terrific. But not all Brookland residents and business owners have the time to be ANC Commissioners or civic and public safety activists. EVERY resident, business owner and stakeholder in Brookland is entitled to consistent, effective, non-discriminatory police services from MPD, too.

      Preferential policing, biased policing, discriminatory policing, the appearance of MPD case coverups and falsified MPD record-keeping, MPD public communications manipulations, MPD leniency toward reckless, drunk, hit-and-run drivers-- these are the kinds of ongoing policing problems we have in PSA-504/ Brookland.

      And those public safety issues should be "addressed" by responsible city officials as well.

      If Police Chief Cathy L. Lanier can't insure fair, effective, non-biased and non-discriminatory policing in Brookland, Mayor Gray and the Council should exercise their police oversight responsibilities.

      PSA 504

      * Link Ref:

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