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Re: [MPD-5D] CUA Students' Late Night Noise Pollution & DC Law

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  • Carole Jacobs
    ________________________________ Brian -- In relation to noise after 10 pm from inside and outside Optimism, which is next door to my house on Kearny, in 504,
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 14, 2013

      Brian --

      In relation to noise after 10 pm from inside and outside Optimism, which is next door to my house on Kearny, in 504, I was told by Lt. Bernat that police should be called. 

      What makes sense to me is to first request at the source that the unlawful noise levels be reduced.  If that request is not honored -- or one is unable to obtain a working phone number that does not go to voicemail --  I believe that the police wish to be involved.

      Cheers.   Carole

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      Sent: Sunday, April 14, 2013 6:57 AM
      Subject: [MPD-5D] CUA Students' Late Night Noise Pollution & DC Law

      D.C. Official Code ยง 22-1321(d)
      Disorderly Conduct/ Noise At Night

      It is unlawful for a person to make an unreasonably loud noise between 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. that is likely to annoy or disturb one or more other persons in their residences.

      Brookland/ Ward 5 residents, like homeowners and tenants everywhere are entitled to the *peaceful and quiet enjoyment of their homes*. That is especially so during late night hours when the vast majority of the world has to get its rest and sleep.

      It matters not whether residents are awakened in the middle of the night by the shouted conversations or hooting/ hollering of just ONE college student on the public sidewalk, or that of DOZENS of college students at a group house party.

      The injury (annoyance, disturbances, sleeplessness, denial of healthy well-being, etc.) inflicted upon nearby residents by such late night noise pollution is the SAME.

      However, some at MPD -- especially in PSA 504 -- don't appreciate that simple fact.

      Apparently, CUA administrators have also not given much thought to residents' rights to be free from a few CUA students' ultra-loud, late night conduct, as well.

      In repeated communications with both MPD and CUA officials recently, I have found both to be mistakenly focused on just one part of residents' problems with CUA students late-night noise, i.e., disruptive student house parties. Both MPD and CUA are quick to tout their reductions of disruptive house parties.

      And that's fine, to the extent that each has addressed that smaller part of the late night student noise problem. However, both MPD and CUA ought to show more concern about what they could do better.

      Both organizations seem to be focused more on self-organizational PR rather than listening to residents' concerns and understanding the additional elements of said nuisances.

      DC Code 22-1321(d) (Disorderly Conduct/ Noise At Night), which has been law for over TWO YEARS now, does recognize residents' rights to peace and quiet in their neighborhoods and homes late at night-- as well as the injury and sleep loss caused by such noise.

      Chairman Phil Mendelson, the Council and Mayor Gray deserve great credit for taking the time to understand the problem, and for enacting that law on behalf of the health and fitful sleep of DC residents everywhere.

      Despite Chief Lanier's opposition to to that law at the time, her MPD needs to seriously enforce the Noise at Night Law now.

      Whether in PSA 504 or elsewhere -- PSA commands should to be more communicative with residents and less dismissive of residents' noise-at-night complaints. Also, there is no excuse for dismissive, discourteous police service from any PSA LT.

      For a number of nights now, a few CUA students on Newton and Otis have disrupted long-term residents late night peace and quiet, with shouted conversations, short remarks, and/or hoots and hollers-- in utter disregard for the disturbance they are causing their sleeping neighbors just yards away.

      This has happened repeatedly-- sometimes repeatedly in one night at the same locations-- on their porches, in their yards or driveways and/or on DC public sidewalks, streets or alleyways. And it most frequently has NOTHING to do at all with disruptive, loud house parties.

      It happened again, last night on both Newton and Otis-- within a few minutes of one another. One of the houses had just been warned of the same loud, late-night violations.

      And the noise problem is just as bad from a few on-campus CUA students passing through in route to/from a popular late-night bar on 12th Street.

      Though it is a well-known, common sense societal rule for almost all adults-- to be sure, many college students may be unaware of their off-campus responsibilities with respect to area neighbors, as well as the crystal clear language of this DC law.

      However, it is part of CUA's responsibility to educate their students to their neighbors' rights to late night peace and quiet-- and to make every reasonable effort to assure that CUA students comply with DC law enacted to protect those rights.
      Suggestion: CUA should find the resources to fund a serious PR and info campaign (perhaps some of it jointly with MPD-5D)-- e.g. using off-campus *AND* on-campus flyers, posters, emails, FB, tweets, etc. And there's nothing wrong with a little sloganeering to help raise awareness and to get compliance.
      After Ten,
      Quiet Again.


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