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Re: [MPD-5D] What Can We *Seriously* Do About Illegal Motorbikes?

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  • Teabelly
    I saw two 4-wheelers of Florida Ave and New York Ave yesterday around 6. kimberly a resident of DC & taxed without representation. please note: if there are
    Message 1 of 8 , Mar 5, 2013
      I saw two 4-wheelers of Florida Ave and New York Ave yesterday around 6. 

      a resident of DC & taxed without representation.

      please note: if there are misspellings or odd word placements it's autocorrect fault. 

      On Mar 5, 2013, at 20:19, Linda Lee <elcsmail@...> wrote:

      Have you checked with CODE-3 (our security company)? I know I have seen an ATV and several smaller dirt bikes coming out of 601's parking lot when I have been waiting at the bus stop (7th & Edgewood) on several occasions.

      From: "Solberg, Andrew (MPD)" <Andrew.Solberg@...>
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      Subject: RE: [MPD-5D] What Can We *Seriously* Do About Illegal Motorbikes?
      It helps, Ms. Lee.
      We have seen them gathering previously near 7th and Franklin, in groups of 30 to 40 riders.  5D Sgt. Jon Dorrough has some information that we may be able to use to fight these rides, but we still are looking for anyone in the community who can help us identify any riders, or any areas where the bikes and ATVs are stashed.
      Andy Solberg
      Commander, 5D
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      Subject: Re: [MPD-5D] What Can We *Seriously* Do About Illegal Motorbikes?
      We have people in Edgewood Terrace who ride bikes around the neighborhood. Some are young people, some are adults who ride dirt  
      I have seen them cross the Franklin St. bridge. They used to race in our 7th St parking lot, but Mangement got them stopped. Now they run up and down the streets. We did mention this to our PSA502. They also said they could not chase them.
      They may live in the 601 or 611 buildings.
      I don't know if this helps or not.
      From: "Solberg, Andrew (MPD)" <Andrew.Solberg@...>
      To: "MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com" <MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com>
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      Sent: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 7:22 AM
      Subject: Re: [MPD-5D] What Can We *Seriously* Do About Illegal Motorbikes?
      You are correct that we can't chase them, as this just makes a bad and dangerous situation worse and more dangerous. 
      What would help is if someone in the community can tell us who the riders are, or where the bikes and ATVs are stored. If we find out we can confiscate them, as they are in most cases not street legal. 
      Andy Solberg
      Commander, 5D

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      On Mar 5, 2013, at 7:06 AM, "dachare" <dachare@...> wrote:
      This is a topic I've come back to again and again, because it continues to be a dangerous problem in our neighborhood. I DO understand that pursuing them could make things even more dangerous as they attempt to flee, but things have gotten out of hand here in Brentwood. About 3 weeks ago, I arrived home to find a deep rut from a single-wheel track in the edge of our landscaping, obviously caused by a motorbike being ridden on the sidewalk (we haven't yet done our spring landscaping, and the ground is stiff enough that it's still obvious it's a tire track, if you'd like to see it). Since then and before then, I've witnessed NUMEROUS dangerous activities by these riders. Just this past Saturday, I left my house to walk my dog, and witnessed a motorbike rider (who appeared to be an adult) go right up on the sidewalk because he was apparently unhappy with the pace of traffic on the street (he cut to the inside of the cars slowing or stopping at the stop sign, ran through the sign, rode through the crosswalk and up onto the sidewalk for about half a block before cutting back into the street), about an hour later witnessed a child who could not have been more than 14 (probably more like 12, but regardless too young to be operating a motor vehicle on a street) blow through our stop sign on a motorbike while I was leaving to walk up the street, and then, about 30 minutes later, observed the SAME youth turn onto and race up the sidewalk as I was departing my home again. The day before, I called 911 to report youths riding motorbikes at high speeds up the sidewalks, and they did another lap on the sidewalk before a cruiser came through. The day before that, I flagged down a cruiser that happened to be rolling by to alert them to a group of youths preparing to run a motorbike down the street (and as soon as the cruiser rolled away to go find them the bike came racing up the street not stopping for anything). This Sunday, I similarly watched motorbikes race up our sidewalks. Most weekends, I am woken up the roar of motorbike engines running through the neighborhood as early as 8 AM.

      I understand that this is a tough problem to tackle, but SOMETHING has to give. It is simply NOT SAFE to have these people riding on the sidewalks, even beyond their typical running stop signs, traveling at high speeds, popping wheelies, pulling U-turns without regard to traffic, riding the wrong way on one-way streets, and other dangerous activities they participate in. Please, just tell me what you need to nab these folks and put an end to this. I just want to be able to sleep peacefully, walk on the sidewalk without fear that I will be hit, and, occasionally, drive without the risk of damaging a car or ending a young life...
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