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Re: [ward5] Re: [MPD-5D] Fwd: Re: [MPD-1D] Police helicopter

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  • RobbyCU
    It is great MPD was able to resolve this matter. Having said that, where a crime took place matters on a lot of fronts, including the  public safety of those
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2013
      It is great MPD was able to resolve this matter. Having said that, where a crime took place matters on a lot of fronts, including the  public safety of those near the area of the crime scene.  There wasn't a carjacking in Trinidad. It was simply a misunderstanding which can happen during fast moving events.  

      Yet, we have a duty to make sure the most accurate information is broadcast as it comes forward.  

      Facts and celebrations are good things. As we celebrate the effort from MPD 5D we also should celebrate those in the community, particularly those on twitter, who kept information flowing to those here in Trinidad and wider area.  

      I think we've come a long way towards our former culture of non-cooperation with MPD.  I think we are embracing the spirit of the "If you see something, say something"  campaign and hopefully in time that spirit with spread to MPD 6D.



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      Whether the armed carjacking began in 1D or 3D or Maryland is less relevant than the fact that the suspect(s) met capture. The incident was quickly shut down within moments of entering the Fifth District and we remain impressed and appreciative. I believe the officers deserve praise and I am repeating my electronic HIGH FIVE! Go team!

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      While the chase ended on Raum St., the carjacking itself did not take place in Trinidad from reports we've seen.
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      The activity was in reference to a vehicular pursuit (carjacking) from the 6th District. The pursuit terminated in the 5th District with an apprehension

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      Tonight around 7th-12th Streets NE there are lots of MPD cars going every which way plus a helicopter flying circles all over our neighborhood.
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