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Public Safety Question for Future Mayor Fenty.

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  • joebush20010
    Public Safety is very important to us. Mr. Fenty, I understand that you might be a member of this Yahoo Group. Before tomorrow, can you reply to this e-mail
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 11, 2006
      Public Safety is very important to us.

      Mr. Fenty, I understand that you might be a member of this Yahoo
      Group. Before tomorrow, can you reply to this e-mail and tell us
      where you stand on public safety? Have you made the decision to
      replace the current chief of police if you are elected? I am
      hearing that you already have a new chief, waiting in the wind.
      What will happen to our local police meetings and even this Yahoo
      group the police set up for us?

      Mr. Fenty, I see your credentials and I know you will make a
      powerful mayor in eight years or so. You might probably be the
      ideal elected official to represent us in congress when we get full
      voting rights. I like the fact that you have interned for so many
      great elected officials, including our own hardworking Eleanor
      Holmes Norton.

      To me, Mr. Fenty, you have read the right books on looking like a
      mayor and talking like a mayor, but how much do you know about Being
      Mayor? I'm concerned. I heard a woman say she was going to vote
      for you because you were cute. For some reason, people don't like
      women in certain leadership positions, but Linda Cropp comes with
      almost 30 years of experience and as Chairman of a prominent
      council. I wish Mr. Vincent Gray was a candidate.

      You will oversee more than 60 government agencies, including the
      Housing Authority, Consumer and Regulatory Affairs, Public Works,
      Alcohol Beverage Regulation Administration, Child and Family
      Services, the Department of Corrections, the Department of Energy,
      the DC Jail, the Department of Mental Health, Parks and Recreation,
      the Police, the Emergency Management Agency, and many more. Which
      one will Sinclair Skinner run, since he has given up the dry
      cleaning business?

      I have to ask this question, since today is September 11th, Mr.
      Fenty, when you told us in a recent debate that if you become mayor
      and the nation's capital undergoes another terrorist act, you want
      the country to know that you will be the sole #1 leader that
      everyone else must check in with, I wondered if a 36 year-old with 6
      years of experience as a councilmember should be trusted with the
      nation's capitol, especially when I have not heard much about your
      qualifications or any specialized training on foreign policy and
      domestic terrorism. This is the Nation's Capital, sir. In your 36
      years, do you know how to run the nation's capital? In my opinion,
      experience counts.

      Please be encouraged, Mr. Fenty, you are a hell of a politician,
      especially with how you have marketed yourself to the poor. Your
      Blackberry commercial speaks for itself. But I think you have given
      thousands of poor people the impression that you will personally
      return their calls. That concerns me too. Now, for those
      communities that do not suffer from pot holes and abandoned houses,
      what are your plans?

      Experience does matter, especially when you are talking about
      running the capital city of the greatest country in the world!

      It's not too late. Please help me understand why I should vote for
      you, Mr. Fenty.
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