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Future of Metro's Bus Service (#80 Bus)

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  • Sam Shipley
    Hi folks - in case you missed it yesterday, Metro is holding a second public meeting on the future of the 80 bus, tonight, at Providence Hospital. I ll copy
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      Hi folks - in case you missed it yesterday, Metro is holding a second public meeting on the future of the 80 bus, tonight, at Providence Hospital.  I'll copy their press release below.

      If you're a rider of the 80, I would def. recommend attending as they are considering many substantial changes.  I'm also attaching scans of the proposals; Metro assured me they would be on-line today, but as of this morning I have yet to see them.  As the scans are in black and white, I'll try and give a brief explainer of each one.  There are currently about 5 proposals being batted around.  The one issue that seems to be decided is that the New York Ave underpass is going to stay.  But for the new proposals, they include: (1) an 80X bus, which would be a 16-stop express route that would run along the same route as it currently does - or extend south from Union Station to SW (more on that in option 5).  (2) They are also proposing a new 80-Shuttle line, which would go from Brookland Station through Washington Hospital Center, down First, NW, east on Bryant to North Cap, and then down to New York Ave, and into Noma (1st Street, NE - connecting Bloomingdale to the Harris Teeter)  It would also terminate at Union Station.  (3) They are also looking at ending the 80 bus at McPherson rather than the Kennedy Center and re-routing the D6 to hit the Kennedy Center instead of going through Dupont/Georgetown.  (4) Having the 80 stop at Union Station (would run from Union Station to Fort Totten only).  (5) and finally - and the one I find most intriguing is making the 80 go from Fort Totten to Federal Center SW.  This would create a new connection from Union Station to SW, which doesn't currently exist.  I thought this was a great idea though I suggested they should run it instead to L'Enfant instead of Federal Center as there is a high demand for transfers to the Green/Yellow lines as evidenced by the current Gallery Place stop.

      - Sam Shipley

      Metro announces second round of public meetings for Metrobus Route 80 study
      Customers can give feedback on possible service improvements for North Capitol Street Line
      Metro and the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) today announced the second round of public meetings to hear input from riders and community members regarding potential changes to Metrobus Route 80 service, known as the North Capitol Street Line.

      Metro and DDOT working together on a comprehensive study of  Route 80 service. The two public meetings announced today follow two open houses and a focus group in late 2012, in which the project team heard ideas from the public about service improvements along the corridor.

      The two public meetings will take place as follows:

      Wednesday, February 6, 2013 -- 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
      Phoenix Park Hotel
      520 North Capitol Street NW (across from Union Station at the intersection of Massachusetts Avenue, North Capitol and F streets)
      Washington, DC

      Thursday, February 7, 2013 -- 5:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
      Providence Hospital Ross Auditorium
      1150 Varnum Street NE
      Washington, DC

      Both meeting locations are located on Metrobus Route 80 and open to all members of the public; no advance registration is required. Participants may arrive any time between the start and end time of each meeting.  The meetings will not feature a formal presentation. Instead, participants will be able to speak individually with the project team about service improvements that Metro is considering for the North Capitol Street Line.

      Metro and DDOT will use the feedback from participants to complete the analysis of Route 80 and create draft recommendations. In spring 2013, after a final round of public input, the recommendations for improvements will be finalized and presented to the public and the Metro Board for consideration in mid-2013.

      A Spanish translator and visual materials in Spanish will be available at the public meetings.
      Metrobus Route 80 runs from Fort Totten Metrorail Station in Northeast DC down South Dakota Avenue and 12th Street NE to Michigan Avenue and North Capitol Street. At Union Station, the route heads west along Massachusetts Avenue, H Street, and K Street NW. Finally, the route goes through Foggy Bottom along 18th and 19th Streets and Virginia Avenue before terminating at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Route 80 currently carries around 7,500 passengers on an average weekday, one of the largest riderships in the Metrobus system.

      The North Capitol Street Line Study is the latest in a series of comprehensive evaluations of Metrobus “Priority Corridors." Metro and its partner agencies in the Washington metropolitan region have been studying service and operations on the Metrobus network’s busiest lines since 2006, and making gradual improvements that include restructured routes, limited-stop services, and other enhancements.
      News release issued at 3:51 pm, January 29, 2013.

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