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Re: [MPD-5D] Re: Dangerous Street (Contractor Hit by a car)

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  • Groomes, Diane (MPD)
    Thank you matt. We can have a traffic study done by our photo enforcement to see if a good area for such...also 5d can hit this area and address those
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 18, 2012
      Thank you matt. We can have a traffic study done by our photo enforcement to see if a good area for such...also 5d can hit this area and address those violating the traffic regs as well as see if we need anything from our partners in ddot as well.
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      Subject: [MPD-5D] Re: Dangerous Street (Contractor Hit by a car)

      Good points have been made by both Matts.

      But let me suggest a few names, to you, ES... Diane Groomes and Jeannette Mobley.

      First, MPD Assistant Chief Diane Groomes is responsible for Patrol Services and School Safety-- for the whole city. So she's a very busy cop. But don't let that intimidate you. She's pretty accessible and responsive to citizens' concerns.

      I know for a fact that traffic lights and how they relate to kids walking to school safely is something she worries about all the time. Last year I ventured out into the hurricane that brushed the city, and shortly thereafter had cause to email A.C. Groomes in response to another matter. She gave me a thorough email grilling on traffic lights that I mentioned to her I had seen were out along Michigan Avenue.

      Other issues with the Chiefs, notwithstanding-- like her boss, A.C. Groomes keeps her ears close to the pavement. My guess is she'll have a sympathetic and interested ear for yours and your neighbors' concerns with kids' safety and speeding at 13th and Franklin.

      Also, closer to home, and intimately familiar with 504 and Brookland, is Jeannette Mobley-- former constituent services director for Ward 5 CM Kenyan McDuffie. Ms. Mobley has just been elevated to Chief of Staff for CM McDuffie. Zap her an email and/or give her a call...

      If Jeannette Mobley can't help you herself, I'm sure she'll get you to someone in their office who can.

      Thanks, ES. Your concern and activism serves all of us in Brookland and beyond. Stay on 'em and good luck!


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      Posts on a listserv, no matter how many years of them, will not affect
      the change you are seeking. If you're looking for permanent change, I
      recommend you begin addressing this with your ANC, the DC Dept of
      Transportation, and your local Council Member. One voice may not
      effect change, but if you can get mutliple bodies lobbying (perhaps
      the same bodies posting to listservs for years) your chances are much

      In the meantime, temporary changes can be applied as suggested by Ms.
      Bridge. You can begin addressing those through contacting MPD-5D


      On Sun, Dec 16, 2012 at 7:06 PM, Brooklander13brooklander13@...wrote:
      This issue about the ticket is less important then the fact that people speed
      at this corner and run the light a million times a day. I didnt post this to
      start a debate but to get things rolling.

      Who in local govt is going to finally take this on and get it done? There have
      been many posts on this corner and both those streets for years. Im not looking
      for a temporary solution. It needs to be addressed before someone else is hurt
      or dies.


      On Dec 16, 2012, at 12:54 PM, "LeRoy hall"lema@...wrote:

      First, I am glad the contractor is doing better. Based on what you say it
      appears "many people" or eye witnesses watched the police officer write an
      improper ticket against the man. As far as I know "jaywalking" means walking
      across the street anywhere other than at a crosswalk. If it means anything
      else, then it's just another example of DC government incompetency at writing

      I assume the the woman went through the yellow light at Franklin St. which is
      not illegal. There's no evidence of speeding without a camera. If she hit
      him while he had one foot on the curb and the other on the street or the gutter,
      she may be guilty of reckless driving. Are you sure he was standing in the
      same position while you were watching the woman cross the intersection? Or
      did he move a little farther into the street to help the other contractor to
      take the dumpster out of the driveway? In any case the officer was not a
      witness. I don't understand how all the witnesses let this go by.


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      Subject: [Brookland] Hit by a car

      About 2 weeks ago, one of my contractors who is repairing my home was standing
      on the sidewalk as another contractor pulled out the dumpster thats been in my
      driveway. He stepped back and had 1 foot on the street, the other still on the
      curb. A woman was was speeding down 13th St from RI Ave went through the yellow
      light as it was turning red and hit the guy. There were many people outside who
      saw this happen and they all said she gunned it through the light. When she got
      out of the car she started yelling at him. When the police showed up they gave
      him the ticket and not her saying it was "jaywalking". Oscar was taken to the
      hospital and luckily did not die. He is still in pain from the injuries but
      doing better.

      Im sick of this. Ive posted many times about the need for some kind of speed
      control on 13th St and Franklin Streets. NOTHING EVER HAPPENS. When is this
      going to be taken seriously? There are young children that live on these
      streets. They walk to school or play outside. And STILL nothing is done by the
      city to remedy the fact that people speed and run this light all the time. I
      have witnessed way too many accidents on this corner. Those of us that live on
      these streets have to deal with the worry of being hit by a car EVERY DAY.

      Every couple of months the issue comes up and were told its going to be looked
      at and then it disappears. Can someone please tell me WHY this gets pushed under
      the rug?

      • Trucks need to be rerouted OFF Franklin and back to RI Ave. Its residential
      and there is a school at 12th and Franklin.
      • Trucks need to be rerouted OFF 13th St.
      • There needs to be speed control remedies set up on both streets. I don't
      care if its cameras or something else but someone DO SOMETHING.

      Who in local govt is going to step forward and take control of this issue and
      get it done?

      ES on 13th



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