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Fifth District Book Drive - Contribute to the successes in the life of a child

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  • Vaughn-Lee, Fayette (MPD)
    Good Afternoon, Help our community children to succeed with the development of early literacy skills through reading experiences with your new or gently used
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 12, 2006
      Good Afternoon,

      Help our community children to succeed with the development of early
      literacy skills through reading experiences with your new or gently used
      books and children story workbooks.

      The Fifth District Police Officers are holding a book drive. Officer
      McCray, who is an avid reader, was pleased when her nine year old was
      asked to read younger children. But what impressed her most is when the
      young listeners were awed at their peer reader and wanted to do the
      same. The nine year old read with expression and keep the listeners
      engaged in the story. It was later learned that most of these children
      did not have books at home and have not had the opportunity to become
      readers' themselves and experience the joy and excitement of reading
      about foreign lands or green eggs and ham.

      The value of providing a book for a child

      (Stats taken from National Research "Helping Children to Read")

      * Although reading and writing abilities' continue to develop
      throughout life, the early childhood years-from birth through age eight
      - is the most important period for literacy development.

      * 88% of poor readers in first grade have the probability of being
      poor readers in fourth grade

      * 75% of children who are poor readers, who are not helped prior
      to age nine, will continue to have reading difficulties through high
      school. 10%-15% of children who have difficulties learning to read will
      drop out of school; only 2% complete a four-year college program

      * Half of adolescents and young adults with criminal records have
      reading difficulties

      * Half of the youth with histories of substance abuse have reading

      Please bring your new or gently used children books to the Fifth
      District. All books are needed by Saturday, July 22, 2006. In the
      event you cannot bring the books personally to the Station, you may give
      your books to a Fifth District Officer to bring to the station for you.
      Make sure to tell them the items are for the book drive. The books will
      be given to the youngsters who attend summer activities at the Lincoln
      Road Recreation Center on Monday July 24, 2006. McGruff would be an
      added surprise for the youngsters who are looking forward to another day
      of experiencing the joys of reading.

      Also, please join me in saluting Officers McCray and Payne's tireless
      efforts in collecting books and reading to our community children.

      For additional Information or if you can provide help in picking up
      books from your neighbors contact

      Fayette Vaughn-Lee

      Fifth District community Outreach Coordinator

      202 698-0188


      Policing for Prevention


      Policing for Prevention

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