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Re: fireworks & police response

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  • thinblueline58
    It is practically impossible to respond to every call for fireworks in a timely manner on July Fourth. Every corner has a group of people (often unsupervised
    Message 1 of 3 , Jul 5, 2006
      It is practically impossible to respond to every call for fireworks
      in a timely manner on July Fourth. Every corner has a group of people
      (often unsupervised children) setting them off. Officers respond to
      these calls with our 'position one' lights on. These are the rapidly-
      blinking white lights we are required to have on at all times because
      the powers that be have decided it's more important that citizens see
      us while we patrol than actually having officers able to arrive on a
      scene without broadcasting that arrival blocks ahead of time. Before
      we even get within a block, anyone doing anything illegal has either
      stashed whatever it is that they are not supposed to have or
      scattered in different directions. This not only applies to fireworks
      on July Fourth, but guns, drugs, etc., on a daily basis. (Off the
      topic, most officers and officials agree that these blinking lights
      actually increase the chances of crashes at intersections because
      drivers on cross streets tend to stop short when they see our
      cruisers approaching, assuming we are on an emergency run. This is
      especially true with the new cruisers whose 'position one' lights are
      strobes rather than just blinking lights.)

      I'm sorry we did not arrive at your location in a timely manner, but
      given the circumstances, I trust you'll understand why. Also keep in
      mind that criminals do not take holidays off. They are every bit as
      active, actually MORE so, on July Fourth as on non-holidays.

      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, "baringlake" <baringlake@...> wrote:
      > We normally have been impressed with the police that patrol in the
      > Brookland/RIA area...for us, they've responded quickly when called.
      > But tonight, for the 4th of July, we noticed people shooting massive
      > fireworks off behind a series of rowhouses. One almost hit a house,
      > we called 911 to report the dangerous situation that could easily
      > become a fire hazard to anyone inside the rowhouses.
      > Instead of getting any attention when we called, we were essentially
      > brushed off by the 911 operator as a "harmless fireworks" call --
      > we did explain that the fireworks were massive and coming close to
      > houses! She didn't even ask to take our address...my husband had to
      > blurt it out before she cut him off.
      > On top of that, I feel like I haven't seen one police officer
      > patrolling in my neighborhood tonight..and that has let everyone
      > illegal fireworks set them off without any regard to safety. This is
      > in real contrast to the presence I saw by Metro transit officers
      > today. They were everywhere in the Metro system, made their presence
      > known and kept things moving along fairly smoothly on a crowded
      > system. Why can't the 5D police officers step up their presence on
      > 4th too? It just feels like near lawlessness tonight...
      > Jen
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