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2012 5DCAC MPD Awardees

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  • Robert Vinson Brannum
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      Fifth District Citizens’ Advisory Council, Inc.

      Metropolitan Police Department

      Washington, DC



      The 5th District Citizens’ Advisory Council, Inc. is pleased to announce its DC MPD Honorees for 2012.  Please join the 5th District Citizens’ Advisory Council, Inc. at its Annual Awards Dinner to thank each for their service, dedication, and sacrifice on behalf of the citizens served by the 5th District Metropolitan Police Department on


      Thursday, October 25, 2012

      Washington Navy Yard Catering and Conference Center

      1454 Parsons Avenue, SE

      Washington, DC.

      6:30pm until 9:30pm

      Tickets are $40.00 each.*


      Payments may be mailed to Fifth District Citizens’ Advisory Council, Inc. , P. O. Box 90436, Washington, DC 20090

      *If you are unable to attend, please consider donation a ticket.


      For more information, please contact 5DCAC Chair Frances Penn – fspenn@... or Mr. James Berry – jamojam@...


      2012 5th District MPD Honorees


      Fifth District Officer of the Year:

      Kareem Tanner


      PSA Officers of the Year:


      PSA 501: - Michael Millsaps

      PSA 502: - Joshua Boutaugh & Michael Weiss

      PSA 503: - Steven Pappas

      PSA 504: - Michael Jenkins

      PSA 505: - Kiel Tilley

      PSA 506: - Bai Bangura

      PSA 507: - Herbert Nicholls & Alexander Spradling


      Vice Officer of the Year: - Stephen Jerguson & Jesse Travers-Smith


      Support Officer of the Year: - Sharmika McMickins


      Master Patrol Officer of the Year: - Fred Rosario


      Detective of the Year: - Sergeant Michael Boland


      Sergeant of the Year: - Sergeant Sheri Fox


      Manager of the Year: - Lieutenant Edward Bernat


      Community Service Award: - Fayette Vaughn-Lee



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