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  • beanish80
    Just the general run down. I will definitely be at the next meeting, though. Thanks for the reply. Craig, Donald (MPD) wrote: I
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      Just the general run down.  I will definitely be at the next meeting, though.  Thanks for the reply.

      "Craig, Donald (MPD)" <Donald.Craig@...> wrote:
      I wasn't there and Lt. Welch is out because he was involved in a car accident.  I've been trying to find out if there was an officer there but have had no luck yet.  Was there anything specific you wanted to know or just s general run down?


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      Lt. Craig, just wanted to say thank you for all that you do to help keep us safe and for keeping us posted on the happenings in the area.

      I was not able to make the last PSA 501 meeting.  Can anyone fill me in on the highlights?

      "Craig, Donald (MPD)" <Donald.Craig@...> wrote:

            Hello all,
            I'm back and have a few things I'll fill you in on.
            Last week on Montello Avenue several subjects broke into a home and pistol whipped the occupant.  Units answered the call and they gave a description for the subjects and the vehicle that they had taken in the Burglary.  Later that night Detective Commodore spotted the car and it was stopped.  They arrested four of the individuals that had broken into the home.  They were held without bond when the case was presented in court.  Nice work detective.
            Then night before last we had a shooting at 14th and Saratoga Avenue N.E.  There were two people shot.  Both in the leg.  They were treated at local hospitals.  At this point we have no leads.  If anyone has any information on this incident please call us and let us know.
            Then later in the shift there was some rapid gunfire going of near Bates and Truxton Circle.  We received information that the shots were coming from the Third District.  We have no reports of injuries or property damage in the Fifth District.
            Then at the end of the shift a person was found in the Unit block of T Street N.E.  They were dead from a gunshot wound.  Right now we have no leads in the case.  Once again if anyone has any information on this please call us.
            Last night there was a shooting at 19th and H Street N.E.  One male was shot in the leg and shoulder.  The subject was identified and Detective Commodore has already applied for the warrant.  This guy is good.
            Also Officer Hopper struck again.  He along with Officer Chapman arrested three people for Carrying a Pistol Without a License outside of the Market Lounge in PSA 504.  They recovered a 9MM semi automatic handgun and a .38 caliber revolver.
            That's about it for now.  Once again if anyone has any information on any of these incidents I relayed today please give us a call and let us know.
            Thanks and take care.
            Lt. Craig  

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