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FW: [MPD-5D] illegal dumping, getting rid of the items

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  • Edmonds, Francine (EOM)
    Please be advised, this situation was an illegal dumping resulting in a hardship. DPW is responsible for the removal of trash and bulk items from public space
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      Please be advised, this situation was an illegal dumping resulting in a hardship.  DPW is responsible for the removal of trash and bulk items from public space which can be reported to (202) 727-1000.  The Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs Neighborhood Stabilization Office is responsible for having owners abate private property, which can be reported to (202) 442-4477. 


      For more information, you can contact your lead inspectors for the Ward which are: Inspector Jacqueline Brooks, Lead DPW SWEEP on (202) 645-8507 and Inspector Gloria Shelby, DCRA Lead Inspector on (202) 442-4326.  If they are not responsive or have not addressed your concerns, you may contact their supervisors; DPW - Mr. Lawrence Dance (202) 645-5066; DCRA-Inspector Evelyn Rice (202) 442-4368.


      We do ask that you continue taking proactive steps in cleaning your neighborhood, but we would like for you to be safe as well as the others that you ask to assist.




      Francine P. Edmonds

      Ward 5 Neighborhood Services Coordinator

      Office of Neighborhood Services

      64 New York Avenue NE,

      Room 4100

      Washington, DC 20002

      (202) 671-0726

      (202) 671-0728 (Fax)



      To request a scheduled service, call 202-727-1000 or visit www.src.dc.gov


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      Monday, May 22, 2006 12:06 PM
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      Subject: RE: [MPD-5D] illegal dumping, getting rid of the items


      Assuming you are in Ward 5, and unless Ms. Edmonds wants to handle this directly, General Foreman Matthews has helped us with couches, and a ridiculous  number and type of items being dumped in a neighbor's yard.  You will have to call him or Ms. West at at 202 442 4258.

      You will have to call/e-mail a few days before and follow up on the day itself, I believe that they have direct contact with the trucks by cell/or radio.  You will have to get some of your neighbors to bag the trash that you can, and wait for the truck and help the DPW crew load it. In our case there was only a driver and another DPW guy, 5 of us neighbors did the loading with him.  Keep your cellphone handy on the day you arrange for the truck to come and keep calling until you see the truck.  Let them know you are waiting.  Try to anticipate problems like narrow alleys/obstrucions and make DPW aware of it and/or try to make it as easy as possible for the truck to get in.  We had to drag our stuff about 40 feet because the truck couldn't get in.  Also, call 727 1000 for alley cleaning afterwards just in case there's some stuff left.  We have to work with what we have (keep demanding better service as well)

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