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another number to call for street lights and FOLLOW UP

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  • sara kaufman
    202-269-0855 is the Street LIght Complaint Center - The office specific for burned out street lights. Advantage to use: May reduce wait time by calling
    Message 1 of 1 , May 22, 2006
      202-269-0855   is the Street LIght Complaint Center - The office specific for burned out street lights.   Advantage to use:   May reduce wait time by calling directly to the office.   
      This number was advertised at the Ward 5 City Service meeting, or something similar.  As I recall - this number was put out and recommended for use by either DPW or someone in the specific office.  Since I got it at a public forum,  I dont think Im breaking a protocol passing this along. 
      The street light complaint center tracks call by the house address,  not by ticket number like 727-1000.     
       I used it once - and the light in my residential area was fixed in less than a week.   That was the time they reported for "normal" turnaround time.    [although its obviously not always in that time frame]   
       I was told "if its not fixed in a week,  call us back".    Its important to call back if its still out.
      IMPORTANT:  IF it is NOT a burned out street light, they do  NOT pass that call along to the appropriate agency.
      YOU l have to re-start the issue with a NEW ticket back with 727-1000 - IF it wasnt the light bulb.
      The "street light office" does NOT pass the call on.  
       They want someone who can see the light work or not work to make the second call - so the status can be tracked. 
      Although I dont know for a fact - I suspect it is also this "call again"  process  would be the same if you opened the call with 727-1000.
      This *may* be why some of the lights have been out forever.   IF the problem is NOT a burned out light bulb,  no one knows to go back out and fix what ever the problem is. 
      A truck could have hit the pole and broke a wire,  construction could have dug the wire up,  can you tell any other damage ?   
        [I dont recall all the details of these related conversations] 
      In theory an update of "ifs not a light bulb"  would be posted with the ticket.
      Appears the responsibility is on the the person who opened the call to follow up IF the problem isnt fixed.
      I hope something in here is helpful
      1st and W NW
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