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Re: [MPD-5D] How many DC employees/contractors does it take to change a light bulb?

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  • John Galt
    Maybe you should call Vinny? I would imagine that he would like to help out constituents in an election year. www.eckingtonblog.blogspot.com Tina DCTina
    Message 1 of 8 , May 19, 2006
      Maybe you should call Vinny?  I would imagine that he would like to help out constituents in an election year. 

      Tina DCTina <dctina@...> wrote:
      I've called no less than 3 times and one of my
      nieghbors has called as well. I have confirmation
      numbers out the wazoo and I reference then every time
      I call. The last time I called they just sympathized
      and told me to call other numbers. Shouldn't THEY be
      the ones to escalate repeated calls about streetlights
      out? This particular streetlight is in the alley
      between Florida Ave and Morse ST NE, 1200-1300 block.
      We've recently had a rash of break-ins and people
      climbing garage roofs to get into backyards and break
      into houses and garages and STILL we can't get it lit
      up again out there. This streetlight has been out for
      months. I'm at my wits end.
      fingers numb from calling 727-1000

      --- Caro Alcuaz <caro_alcuaz@...> wrote:

      > I don't know, but they usually take about a week,
      > sometimes less.
      >   Please report broken streetlights to 727 1000 or
      > at dc.gov.   Except for cases where the wiring has
      > been damaged, the city gets it  fixed in about a
      > week from when you reported it.  I've reported
      > broken lights three times, and the only time it
      > wasn't was in one case  where they had to dig up the
      > sidewalk to get to the wires.  Keep  those
      > confirmation numbers and call back to follow-up.
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