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Re: Eckington Safety Meeting Debrief

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  • Brooke Edgecombe
    Hello Commander Solberg,   THANKS!!!!!!!   All of the information we gained at the meeting helps and we ll contine to work together here in Eckington!  
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 2, 2012
      Hello Commander Solberg,
      All of the information we gained at the meeting helps and we'll contine to work together here in Eckington!

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      Subject: Re: Eckington Safety Meeting Debrief
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      Date: Friday, June 1, 2012, 11:32 PM

      Brooke, Tim, Commissioner Pinkney, Commissioner Youngblood, Mr. Clark, and all who showed up last night:

      I thought it was a great meeting. The spirit in the meeting was terrific: forward focused but very much concerned about how we address and solve the recent problem of crime in the neighborhood.

      In 24 years I have not many times seen the level of involvement, dedication, and commitment to problem solving as was evident in last night's meeting.

      I encourage all of you to monitor the 5D listserv, stay in touch with Chief Lanier, me, and your 5D supervisors and officers, and when possible to continue to attend community functions.

      I think it was evident to all last night that involved neighbors are your strongest weapon in the fight against crime--and in building a strong community.

      Thank you.

      Andy Solberg
      Commander, 5D

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      From: Brooke Edgecombe <brooke.edgecombe@...>
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      Sent: Fri Jun 01 17:09:44 2012
      Subject: Eckington Safety Meeting Debrief

      Dear Eckington Neighbors and DC MPD,


      Let's just say that last night's safety meeting was a "grand slam"! Eckington community members and the Metropolitan Police Department sat together at the Summit at St. Martins to discuss a recent, alarming "uptick" in crime.  We communicated in a constructive, professional manner, leading to greater trust!  Chief Lanier, Captain Manlapaz, Commander Solberg, Lieutenant Wright, Sgt. Dorrough as well as various street crime officers, mountain bike officers, and detectives shared invaluable information with us.


      First, I'd like to thank Chief Lanier for attending, listening, and sharing the successes and challenges of combating burglaries. I particularly appreciate the positivity which Chief Lanier offered during and after the meeting; she noted how we have an organized community and that Eckington will become safer because of it.  We needed this "vote of confidence”!


      Second, thank you very much to Commander Solberg for dedicating days of e-mails and phone calls to setting-up this meeting, as well as arranging for his staff to be present.  We also appreciate his facilitating, providing maps, and outlining specific tips.


      Thirdly, thank you to Lt. Wright for establishing relationships within our community and supporting us.


      Fourth, thank you to Sgt. Dorrough, who lives in Eckington, for emphasizing what his police "team" does for us.  His clear communication and emphasis on his team's efforts to halt recent crime in our neighborhood really re-assured us.


      Fifth, thank you to Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner Tim Clark for bringing attention to recent crime, and offering support.  Thanks too to Commissioner Pinkney for attending last night, and participating in our monthly ECA safety walks.  We also appreciate Commissioner Hugh Youngblood's attendance. Kudos to Mike Clark, President of the Edgewood Civic Association, for sharing historical information about crime concerns.


      Last but not least, thank you to everyone in our community who "spoke their truth" at the meeting.  Each person who spoke made a valuable contribution.  Neighbors revealed fears and concerns, shared suggestions for creating "community", and made connections.


      Caroline Platt, Recording Secretary, Eckington Civic Association, took notes and will share soon with the listserv.   If you have specific questions after reading the meeting notes, I urge you to contact us (an ECA board member, Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner or the MPD) individually. 


      I know that we have crime issues in Eckington, but I also know that I am thankful that I moved to this community three years ago.  I have met some very dedicated individuals, and friends. 


      Let’s keep up the work!


      Thank you,

      Brooke Edgecombe

      Vice President Eckington Civic Association

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