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Guardian Angels March 2012 Safety Patrol Report

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  • John Ayala
    *12th Annual Awards Ceremony - March 1, 2012* The Metropolitan Police Department honored some of its most dedicated police officers, civilian employees and
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      12th Annual Awards Ceremony - March 1, 2012
      The Metropolitan Police Department honored some of its most dedicated police officers, civilian employees and members of the community who worked tirelessly to protect and serve the citizens of the Nation's Capital at its 12th Annual Awards Ceremony.
      The Guardian Angels would like to thank Chief of Police Cathy Lanier and all of MPD for presenting members of the DC Guardian Angels with certiifcates that states "In Recognition of your Outstanding Sevice to citizens of the District of Columbia and your Contributions to the Metropolitan Police Department Awarded this 1st Day of March 2012."
      4th District
      A recent spike in auto thefts and robberies in Northwest D.C.'s Petworth neighborhood has prompted community leaders to call on a safety patrol called the Guardian Angels. The all-volunteer red beret brigade attends community meetings, and walks the beat with local residents
      Patrol Report - March 8, 2012
      At approximately 7pm on Thursday, March 8, 2012, I, Jordan “Spartacus” Estrada met up with Guardian Angels Corey “The Professor” Kauffman, Darrel “Streetsweeper” Boone, BK Lunde, and new recruits Randall and Mike Richmond for a community safety walk. The walk was for the North Michigan Park Neighborhood. We proceeded to meet up with Community Organizer Derek Staten, former ANC Kathy Henderson, MPD Officer Lucas, and MPD Officer Riley, and eight other community members. After a brief meeting, we proceeded to begin our patrol starting at South Dakota Ave and Delafield St NE.
      For the next hour, we conducted a community patrol throughout the surrounding areas, handing out safety flyers to residents, talking to community members and inspecting trouble spots in the neighborhood.  At approximately 8:07pm, we posted up at Gallatin and 6th Street where there was a memorial cross for a resident youth who had been shot earlier in the year. The group held a brief memorial service, and Community Organizer Staten thanked all parties, including the Guardian Angels.
      At approximately 8:15pm, the group returned to South Dakota Ave and Delafield St NE and the community walk was disbanded. Every participant thanked the Guardian Angels for their support.  All Guardian Angels continued to patrol the area after the community members had gone.
      At approximately 8:45pm, we discovered a mountain bike, in good condition and with no bike lock, lying in the road on the 1000 block of Emerson St NE. Suspecting the bike may have been stolen and discarded, we turned it over to MPD Officer Lucas.
      Jordan “Spartacus” Estrada
      D.C. Patrol Leader
      5th District
      Patrol Report
      On Thursday, March 8,  2012, five Guardian Angels, five civilians, and one K-9 officer from the surrounding community did a foot patrol starting at 8:00pm on the corner of First & O Sts. NW. The five Guardian Angels included were Marquett Milton, Gerald McFadden, John Bailey II, Antonio, and Vaughn.  Patrol started down N St.; at 8:22pm we patrolled Hanover Place. The patrol headed to Bates St. and by 8:49pm we were on Q st. The patrol ended at 9:16pm.
      John R Bailley ll
      Met Branch Trail (MBT)
      We had a few patrols on the MBT in March.  We would like to add more patrols on the trail in April, but we cannot because we are still in need of red bike helmets, horns, and lights for the bikes.
      3rd District
      St Patrick's Day - Night Patrol (Adams Morgan) - March 17, 2012
      A dozen Guardian Angels patrolled on and around 18th Street, NW.  The police thanked us for coming out and many of them told us they could have used our help that day.  We helped prevent a few fights and escorted three woman to their cars on the side streets.  Many of the bar owners also came out to thank us for being in the area.  They also thanked us for doing a good job last summer and asked  if we can patrol the area again this summer. 
      March 22, 2012
      The Guardian Angels began patrols in Columbia Heights from Columbia Road to Park Road, 14 Street to 16 Street  The Guardian Angels will also focus on Georgia Ave between Gresham and Quebec.
      Metro Train Patrol
      The Guardian Angels have patrols on the metro trains every week.  We started having our members post at the Deanwood Metro stop.  It has been clear when we are there. 
      Metro Bus Patrol Anacostia
      Now that the spring has arrived, we are also patrolling the metro buses.  Our patrols have been on the the X2, D2  and all A bus lines in Anacostia.  The bus drivers are very happy to have us on their bus.  They stated that when the Guardian Angels are on their bus they feel safer and the people who get on the bus are not loud and disruptive.  When the drivers pull into Anacosita Metro and see us posted up, most of them are asking us to patrol their bus.   We will patrol as many as we can.
      March 24, 2012 
      At approx 2:20 pm a Guardian Angel was standing on the platform at the Shaw Metro stop when he witnessed a female snatch a IPhone from a student and run. The Guardian Angel stop the female who snatched the phone.   Approx 20 seconds later a plain clothes Metro Police Officer walked up presented his badge and took the female into custody. He thanked the Guardian Angel.
      March 29, 2012
      Challege Day at Margaret Brent School - New Carrollton, MD
      The Guardian Angels were guest coaches at the Special Olympics Challenge Day.  Special Olympics Program, Challenge Day is designed to provide an opportunity for students with severe or multiple disabilities to demonstrate their personal best. The program is part of the Special Olympics Motor Activities Training Program, which emphasizes training and participation rather than competition.  The Guardian Angels had a great time at this event and presented metals to all participants.  In the attached photos, you will see a Guardian Angel in a wheelchair.  He is a member of the DC chapter, but does not patrol trains, buses or streets.  He volunteers at many community events and attend speaking engagements.
      Patrol Report - March 29, 2012
      At approximately 7pm on Thursday, March 29, I Jordan “Spartacus” Estrada met up with Guardian Angels Cory “The Professor” Kauffman, John Bailey, Marquet “Sabertooth” Milton, Antonio Washington, Dawayne Lockhart, Justin Mclean, Gerald “Big Mac” McFadden, Mike Richmond, James “Small Fry” Grayson, and Rodney Vaughn for patrol. Our group of 11 Angels assembled at Anacostia Metro Station, where we proceeded to conduct an On-The-Job Training session focousing on the use of non-violent de-escalation techniques.
      At approximately 8pm, we proceeded to divide into two groups to conduct a bus patrol on two separate busses. Angel Kauffman lead one group, and I lead the other.  My group boarded the A8 bus, after I had notified the bus driver that we were conducting a bus patrol, and he had granted us permission to proceed. We proceeded to ride the bus for the duration of its route back to Anacostia. We talked to numerous residents, and helped an elderly female carry her bags off the bus.
      At approximately 9pm, we returned to Anacostia and posted up at the station until both bus patrols had returned.  We proceeded to conduct two train patrols, one lead by Angel Kauffman, and I led the other.  My group patrolled on the Green line to China Town/Gallery Place, and also patrolled the L’Enfant Plaza and China Town/Gallery Place metro stations without incident.
      At approximately 9:45pm, both patrols returned to Anacostia Metro Station. We posted up and conducted debriefing.  At approximately 10 pm, I disbanded the patrol without further incident.
      Jordan “Spartacus” Estrada
      D.C. Patrol Leader
      NewsChannel 8
      John Ayala of the Guardian Angels talks about Community patrols and George Zimmerman.
      NewsTalk 3/27
      Curtis Sliwa of the Guardian Angels explains what George Zimmerman did wrong in his Neighborhood Watch role.

      Patrol/Community Hours

      Metro Train Patrols - 224

      Metro Bus Patrol - 40

      Community Foot Patrols – 75

      Community Events - 20


      John "Unique King" Ayala
      DC Chapter Leader/East Coast Director
      Alliance Of Guardian Angels/DC Chapter
      1425 K Street, NW Suite 350
      Washington, DC 20005
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