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Problem Solving Groups Forming

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  • Vaughn-Lee, Fayette (MPD)
    Good Afternoon All, I would like to thank the community for your hospitality at
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2006

      Good Afternoon All,


      I would like to thank the community for your hospitality at Wednesday’s meeting held at Margaret Murray Washington, a special thanks to Mrs. Paul and Mr. Alcuaz for the support given to MPD (passing out flyers, obtaining a meeting space for the community meeting, collecting questions from residents, staying late to allow community dialogue with MPD Officials). 


      Lt. Wright gave an overview of events that occurred on Monday.  He also answered questions from the community about other Police activity currently in place in the area.  Residents were also able to speak one on one with Commander Greene, Captain West, and the Lieutenant after the meeting about their individualized concerns.  The Commander remained on site until all who wanted to or needed to talk with her were able to do so.  


      I spent the better part of Thursday following up on specific concerns and suggestions from our neighbors on ways to improve our PSA.  Our neighbors are working on forming problem-solving groups to address the lack of recreation, summer diversion programs, and employment for the youth in the community.  Still others are interested in forming groups to address the negative impact of non-residents and the influx of folks attending the methadone clinic (i.e. hanging out on corners).  Please plan to attend the next PSA 501 (west) meeting scheduled for May 18, 2006 atSaint Martin 's Church, Community room @ 7:00 PM



      With Focused Law Enforcement (Police actions that help communities reclaim an area from on-going crime and disorder), Neighborhood Partnerships (collaboratively apply resources to incidents to prevent them from happening over and over again), and Systemic Prevention (collaboration with other justice agencies, human services providers to address the underlying causes and conditions of crime and disorder) - Our community can target a problem, understand the issues, create a plan, take action / review our progress and finally Celebrated and Create a Lasting Community Presence.  See you at the next PSA Community Meeting.



      I have written questions from the residents in attendance at Wednesday’s meeting.  Expect responses from Lieutenants Welch and Wright in up coming e-mails. 


      Fayette Vaughn-Lee

      5D Community Outreach Coordinator


      202 698-0188  

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      Subject: Re: [MPD-5D] Youth Activity: 5D CAC Movie Night

      Good Evening 
      I heard tonight [atthe PSA 501 NW special community meeting] from Art Slater, the chair of the CAC,  that the flyers provided had to be redone.
      The starting time for the Saturday movie, announced by Commander Greene,  was 4PM. 
      I hope that everyone that is interested will check back for confirmation of the time.

      On 5/3/06, Tom Usselman <tom@...> wrote:
      Hi Dee,
      So far this is our first! I think we intend to have one movie night a month for the summer.
      I will keep you posted as the schedule fills in.
      I will attach a flyer for distribution.

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      Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2006 12:15 PM
      Subject: RE: [MPD-5D] Youth Activity: 5D CAC Movie Night

      Hi Tom:

      Can you provide me with a full schedule of CAC family night events.  I would
      like to make flyers to help spread the word and place this in our online
      newsletter.  Thanks

      Dee Smith
      Director of Constituent Services
      Office of Councilmember Orange
      (202) 724-8028  fax (202) 724-8076

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      From: Tom Usselman [mailto: tom@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, May 03, 2006 11:30 AM
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      Subject: [MPD-5D] Youth Activity: 5D CAC Movie Night

      Hi 5D,

      Please Join the Fifth District Citizens' Advisory Council for our
      first Children's Movie  Night.

      We will be serving popcorn,hot dogs and drinks.Bring the whole
      family and enjoy an afternoon of entertainment in the company of
      your neighbors!

      The Movie will be: Remember the Titans
      The true story of a newly appointed African-American coach and his
      high school team on their first season as a racially integrated unit.

      Date: Saturday, May 6th 2006 Time: 6:00 8:00 pm
      Location: Fifth District Station
      1805 Bladensburg Rd., NE


      Tom Usselman
      5th District Citizens Advisory Council
      Corresponding Secretary

      Policing for Prevention
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      Policing for Prevention


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