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Guardian Angels February Report

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  • John Ayala
    *2012 February Report* * * * * *Community Patrols – 1st District* Guardian Angels Bruce Alcan and Bk Lunde have patrols around 15th and K street, SE every
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      2012 February Report



      Community Patrols – 1st District

      Guardian Angels Bruce Alcan and Bk Lunde have patrols around 15th and K street, SE every Thursday.  They have been doing the patrols in this area since 1997.  Their patrols are about two hours.


      Community Patrols- 3rd District

      Guardian Angels have a had two patrols in Columbia Heights we hope to additional patrols in the area


      Community Patrols – 4th District

      We have partnered up with MPD 4D.  Guardian Angels will do foot patrols in a few areas around the Petworth Metro Station.  The goal for the patrols is to be a deterrent and report any crime we see to the police and any quality of life issues to DC Government Services. The Guardian Angels have been on patrol for one month in the Petworth community.  We have not been able to recruit anyone from the area. But we will continue to try.  The Guardian Angels  attend the vigil for the third anniversary of Pamela Butler’s disappearance.


      Community Patrols – 5th District

      Guardian Angels are still on foot patrol with the Handover/Bates community walk.  This group is doing a great job its been going strong for about four month.  The Guardian Angels look forward to more patrols with this group.


      Community Patrols 7th District

      The DC Guardian Angels are still patrolling the 2400 block of Elvans Road, SE. we have patrols there on Fridays for about two hours.



      The Guardian Angels had a few foot patrols on the MBT in the month of February our goal is to get bike patrols on the trail in April.  We need your help for this.  MPD have donated bikes to the Guardian Angels but we need some work on the bikes like turn up etc. and we need lights, horns/bells and red bike helmets.  If you can help email.


      Metro Trains

      In January the Guardian Angels provided 126 patrol hours on the DC Metro Trains.   This month February we provide 78 hours. Most of our patrols are on the Green Line Train from Gallery Place to Congress Heights.  We also patrol Anacostia, Congress Heights, L'Enfant Plaza and Gallery Place platforms.  The reason for less train patrols this month is because WMATA police have been doing stings on the platform to catch anyone who decide they would like to take electronic devices that do not belong to them.  Guardian Angels also spent a lot of time out side Woodley Zoo, Anacosita, New York Ave, Congress Heights, Columbia Heights and Petworth metro passing out Guardian Angel flyers that give safety tips and MPD flyers asking for info on criminal who are mugging citizens for their electronic devices.



      Patrol/Community Hours

      Metro Patrols - 78

      Community Foot Patrols – 73.5

      Community Events - 42

      John "Unique King" Ayala
      DC Chapter Leader/East Coast Director
      Alliance Of Guardian Angels/DC Chapter
      1425 K Street, NW Suite 350
      Washington, DC 20005

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