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Re: [Eckington] Home Break-Ins

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  • Kimberly
    I ve cc d the MPD listserv. Hopefully they can help. If you aren t on this list, I highly recommend it. kimberly a resident of DC & taxed without
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 11, 2012
      I've cc'd the MPD listserv. Hopefully they can help. If you aren't on this list, I highly recommend it. 

      a resident of DC & taxed without representation.

      please note: if there are misspellings or odd word placements it's autocorrect fault. 

      On Jan 11, 2012, at 7:07 PM, Jason Rano <jayrano@...> wrote:


      It also seems like the neighborhood would benefit from increased daytime patrols.  Its not clear to me the correct way to request those but I'm guessing someone on the listserv does.

      On Jan 11, 2012, at 6:23 PM, Michael Bjornson <mbjornson99@...> wrote:


      I agree. Just found out last night my next door neighbor had this
      happen four days ago while she was at work. This one has not been
      reported on the listserv. It's getting to be of epidemic proportions.

      I would request that the police let us know they are working
      particularly hard on this right now.

      On 1/11/12, thembi_butler@... <thembi_butler@...> wrote:
      > I posted to the Eckington list a couple of months ago that our house on 2nd
      > ST NE (which is home to our tenant) was broken into and burglarized. At
      > the time I received a couple of off-list messages in response from others
      > who had experienced the same thing in recent months - the front door kicked
      > in and the house cleared out. The police who responded to the call also
      > mentioned to my tenant that there have been similar break-ins recently.
      > Since then, there have been a few on-list reports of the same thing, in the
      > same general area. Today I received a call from a neighbor on the 200 block
      > S Street, who mentioned during the course of the call that the exact same
      > thing happened to them a few weeks ago and to another neighbor on that
      > block. All of these break-ins are happening in broad daylight. Has anyone
      > who has experienced this had any updates from the police? It's shocking to
      > me that people are kicking in doors in the middle of the day, facing busy
      > streets with complete impunity. Based on the number of list members, most
      > Eckington residents are NOT a party of this list and we probably aren't
      > hearing about most of these incidents.


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