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I'd like to commend the officers!!!

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  • roomforrent001@yahoo.com
    There are few things in this world that are so horrifying as hearing gunshots really closeby at 3am but hearing sirens and seeing police officers there in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2006
      There are few things in this world that are so horrifying as hearing gunshots really closeby at 3am but hearing sirens and seeing police officers there in literally seconds really went a long way towards making me feel safe and I deeply mean it when I say THANK YOU to the officers. 
      I live at 4th and Rhode Island.  Friday night/Saturday morning at 3am I was awakened by about 5 gunshots.  In the time it took groggy me to say "hey those were gunshots" and pick up the phone, I heard about 3 more.  I've lived there for over a year and that was the first time I heard gunshots AND they were really close by.  I was impressed beyond belief that I heard police sirens BEFORE I even got off the phone with 911. 
      By the time I did hangup and went to the window THE POLICE WERE ALREADY THERE TAPING OFF THE AREA!!!  
      I would have said all this earlier but this is the first time I've checked this posting list since Friday night/Saturday morning.  
      One more thing, the FIRST THING I DID when I realized the situation was under control outside was to check this MPD-5D posting list.  This list is a fantastic resource and although you obviously can't solve EVERY problem, in my opinion and in my case, this posting list has been helpful nearly every time I've used it.  It's a great benefit to the community. 
      I commend you all for catching the gunfight at the OK carrol idiots.  I also commend you for your timely posting of what happened.  I checked the newspapers and found nothing and came online today to ask you all but you'd beat me to it. 
      I give you points for being informative, for speed, and for catching those (expletive deleted).   
      I know that it was partly that you all were in the right place at the right time BUT people give the MPD credit for knowing where the right place would be!!!!
      Okay enough from me.  I was already on your side.  This just reenforced what I already thought. 
      Job Well Done!!!!
      4th and Rhode Island

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