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Re: Taft Recreation Center

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  • julian.masd
    Bill, I drove by Taft awhile ago and I noticed there aren t the groups of organized sports teams, and joggers that there were a year ago. (Have all the sports
    Message 1 of 3 , Mar 10, 2006

      I drove by Taft awhile ago and I noticed there aren't the groups of
      organized sports teams, and joggers that there were a year ago.
      (Have all the sports shifted to the new Turket Thicket Recreation
      Center?) One group, the Woodridge Warriors, managed by Rudy Knott,
      the ANC 5A-10 SMD commissioner which includes Taft, used to play
      there regularly, even in the dark. Have you talked to him about this
      problem? Last year I attended one of his SMD meetings and people
      were complaining about kids who live on Otis and the trash problem
      they make. Someone suggested calling the police about it. But the
      residents were also concerned about the number of cars from the
      sports activities taking up parking spaces on Otis.

      I used to live near a park where drugs and prostitution were a
      constant concern. We formed an Orange Hat group which helped a lot
      at night. During the day we would have some seniors conduct
      activities including Tai-Chi outdoors so that the dealers wouldn't
      cluster. You might talk to the schools at Taft (I think there are
      two charters schools occupying the building) about what they can do
      to help with the problem. Also, Taft does have a recreation center.
      See what they can do to bring back the sports participants.

      Julian near S. Dakota

      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, "hunterw4" <hunterw4@...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I just wanted to report some ongoing activity at Taft Recreation
      > Center (Otis and Perry Sts, NE, between 18th and South Dakota,
      > There are a lot of problems related to drug dealers coming into
      > neighborhood and hanging out at this park. I believe a house on
      > Otis St. coordinates a lot of the activity. Throughout EVERY day,
      > there are at the very least 2 people hanging out, and as many as
      > 20. Cars pull up, an exchange is made, and the car drives off.
      > These kids also abuse drugs and alcohol in the park. They block
      > traffic with their exchanges, and intimidate the neighborhood.
      > My biggest concern are the kids in the neighborhood. Many ages of
      > kids come to this park for recreation. This ranges from toddlers
      > using the playground to the Elementary school kids right across
      > street and teenagers using the basketball courts. I've see these
      > dealers come into the park, target these kids, and the next thing
      > you know there is a circle of 20 kids surrounding the drug
      > It's awful to watch these kids get sucked into drugs. It is also
      > very disturbing as the problem kids oftentimes drink in the park.
      > The just throw their liquor/beer bottles wherever they want,
      > breaking them. The playground area, sidewalk areas, etc...are
      > covered with broken glass/cans...I've heard neighbors complain
      > their children falling in the playground area and coming within
      > inches of broken liqour bottles.
      > I think it is a travesty that our young children have to put up
      > the drug dealers being present, using drugs, drinking, cursing,
      > etc...They also have to put up with the offers of drugs, and avoid
      > falling on broken glass. Just disgusting...
      > I try to call the police anytime I see this activity going on.
      > response time is always good, however, it appears the cops can
      > run these kids off. They are back within the hour, and the
      > continues day in and day out. I'm am assuming that these kids
      > be arrested on spot b/c there must be strong evidence? Are there
      > not laws against loitering in our parks after night fall? Or
      > drinking alcohol out in public? You would think just being in a
      > park after nightfall, in dark clothing would be grounds for some
      > quesitoning...I can't believe these kids are allowed to drive into
      > our neighborhoods and run them into the ground.
      > Please let me know what more I can be doing to end all of this
      > behavior.
      > Bill
      > 18th and Otis...
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