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God Bless America

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  • brian.ions
    Thank you, Robert. Across America, and especially in New York and here in Washington-- it is clear young Americans share your sentiments, appreciation and
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      Thank you, Robert.  

      Across America, and especially in New York and here in Washington-- it is clear young Americans share your sentiments, appreciation and justifiable pride in our country and those who serve it.  

      These young Americans are now in our nation's middle schools, secondary schools and colleges.  Some serve our nation at home or far away in uniform, or otherwise. And some are just living their lives as free people, as best they can. But those Americans' lives have been, are and will be forever marked by that painful day.  

      Some of us remember like yesterday our helpless frustration at our inability to comfort them, or explain to them in the days that followed, their irreducible, personal loss. No matter their ages-- but many were very young-- how does one explain the inexplicable?  

      Soon enough, though, they observed and learned the "terrible resolve" our free American civilization has always mustered when our American family is threatened.  

      Yesterday, one significant part of America's terrible resolve was accomplished.  But the mission goes on, and so must our resolve. 

      We turned in early last night, like many.  But in reviewing the videos this morning of last night's spontaneous celebrations at Ground Zero, Times Square and The White House, I too am filled with great pride and hope for our country-- and especially in that generation of Americans who had to come of age then, or the intervening years-- so touched by the horror of 9/11.

      God bless America, indeed, Robert.


      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, "Robert Vinson Brannum" <rbrannum@...> wrote:
      > God Bless America, President Barack Obama, the men and women who wear or
      > have worn the uniform of the American Armed Forces, and their families. I
      > thank you for your service and your sacrifice. Also, may we never forget
      > those lost in the struggle for democracy, peace, and freedom.
      > Peace always,
      > Robert Vinson Brannum

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