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    MPD, Could you comment on these procedures in Mr. Suderow s email and explain how do they impact or hamper your job in fighting street drug dealing? And to,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 7, 2005
      Could you comment on these procedures in Mr. Suderow's email and explain how do they impact or hamper your job in fighting street drug dealing?    And to,
       Ward 5 Citizens,
      Perhaps we need to look at these and procedures that seem to "tie the hands" of law enforcement when tactical action is needed to eradicate these street dealers from our communities. 
      I too have heard officers in MPD-5D say that the drug dealers do write complaints (there is a form designated for this purpose) and that these complaints are entered into an officer's personnel file, thus making the MPD officer often reluctant to interfere with drug trafficking in our neighborhoods.  Since too many of these complaints jeopardizes their employment with MPD.  This needs to be examined closely and changed.  This is a ploy by the dealers to stop MPD from doing their jobs which seems to be working.
      I was informed by our Councilmember Vincent Orange at an ANC meeting, during his first term of office, as a question was raised about the problem of street drug dealers and what could be done to minimize their existence in our neighborhoods.  His response was that "we cannot discriminate against them because drug dealers have rights too."  It was not clear which rights he was speaking of.
      In a PSA 502 meeting, 2/3 years ago, when queried by the citizens in attendance as to what was being done about street drug dealers, an MPD Sgt. or Lt. (I can't remember which one said it), said that MPD was only interested in dealers who sold "4 fingers."  To which we asked "what is 4 fingers."  He said to "hold up a sandwich bag and hold out 4 fingers from the bottom of the bag which is approximately half a sandwich bag of crack.  Perhaps an ounce maybe?  But that's a lot of crack and it was commented that most of the dealers in our neighborhoods do not have that quantity of drugs.  But that still these low level drug dealers impede upon our safety. MPD officials said that they would not interfere with that level of street drug dealer, but was going after the "big fish."  Folks, this is the truth. 
      This school of thought from our executive and legislative representatives would and does easily result in the carnage of street drug dealing and other quality of life crimes that we are experiencing in our neighborhoods.  Our elected and appointed leaders have seemingly adopted a hands-off policy for these criminals.
      Mayor Williams is aloof to this problem and so are most of the city councilmembers.  In reality these types of procedures, mindsets, hands off policies are one of the reasons for the inertia of MPD to clean the streets of these predators. 
      This reasoning, and policies, laws, regulations, procedures and even Memorandum of Understandings, etc., need to be thoroughly examined and revised and/or amended to reflect the need to protect the citizens too.   
      We would welcome comments for solutions only.  We need to tell MPD what we need from them in specificity.  MPD please let us know what you need in order to do your job in combating street drug dealing, and protecting we the citizen. 
      Gwen Southerland
      In a message dated 03/07/2005 9:40:13 AM Eastern Standard Time, brokemoto@... writes:
      Two New Procedures in the MPD
      > Bryce A. Suderow, streetstories@j...
      > According to police officers, it's becoming more and more
      difficult for
      > them to do their job of fighting crime because of two new
      > that Chief Ramsey had initiated. An officer told me that the
      > department has ruled that every citizen complaint has to be
      > investigated, regardless of who the complainer is. Also he says
      > sergeants no longer wait to confront officers at roll call because
      > complaints against them. They come to their houses and confront
      > Obviously this kind of pressure is going to push officers into not
      > their jobs, into doing as little as possible.
      > An example: at a recent PSA meeting an officer told citizens that
      he had
      > two new rookies and he's going to make sure they don't interfere
      > drug dealers. The reason? He doesn't want complaints from the drug
      > dealers to be placed in their files; such complaints would impede
      > careers.
      > Ramsey's insane policy is the reason some of you may have heard
      > officers or liaison officers at your PSA meetings state that they
      > not violate the constitutional rights of suspected drug dealers by
      > asking them to move from their drug corners. Experience has shown
      > that when drug dealers are allowed to traffic in drugs, it leads
      > violence. As a direct result of this hands-off policy of Chief
      > there has been a spate of shootings in the past two or three days
      in the
      > Hill East neighborhood.
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