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99924D, 5D Team Up: Thanks to MPD officers (still on, when off)

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  • brian.ions
    Mar 1, 2011
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      They can run, but they can't hide! 

      Thanks to the collaborative work of 5D, 4D, 2D and of all MPD officers across the city, as
      pedestrians near Metro Stations continue to be targeted.  It's also especially good to hear of young criminal perps having their criminal behaviors, and destructive life choices seriously interrupted by MPD. 

      This story highlights another, often customary aspect of police work, too...

      Even when they're off duty, police officers are frequently still very much 'on' duty-- keeping watch, whether driving between home and work, or in their own neighborhoods and communities.  All over America, it's not unusual for the sound of police scanners or police radios to be heard in their homes and all kinds of personal-time, "off-duty" places. 

      This 4D officer's off-duty work clearly made a difference, in this case.  It's just another reason to be grateful for MPD officers' extraordinary dedication to their profession, and their service to all of us.  Thank you ladies and gents!

      502 (just south of 4D)

      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups.com, "Greene, Lamar (MPD)" <lamar.greene@...> wrote:

      Around 2pm today, a complainant reported being robbed of property at 10th and
      Perry St in 5D. A short time later, a complainant was robbed of property at 6th
      and Emerson Sts NE in 4D. No weapons were displayed in either case and the
      lookout for both robberies was a white Dodge Van occupied with teenaged males.
      Units responded to the scene and voiced the vehicle lookout and an off duty
      Fourth District officer riding in his personal vehicle observed the Dodge Van.
      The officer alerted units as the vehicle drove into the Fifth District. The
      occupants realizing officers were closing in fled from the Van on foot around
      12th and Lawrence Sts NE. Four suspects (1 adult male and 3 juvenile males) were
      apprehended by 4D and 5D units. 1 suspect was able to make good his escape. The
      Dodge Van was stolen a short time before the first robbery. Two of the suspects
      were positively linked to the robberies and are charged with both occupying a
      stolen auto and robbery. The other two suspects are charged with the stolen
      auto. 4D Detectives are coordinating with 5D and 2D Detectives as these
      Districts have also experienced similar robberies. Thanks to all the units who
      played part in this apprehension
      Commander Lamar D. Greene

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