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  • zomora@rcn.com
    Sep 30, 2010
      I am saddened to find such unfortunate opinions submitted on this listserv. Mr Conn observations are ridiculous. To suggest that women have babies to gain more funding from government programs is most unfortunate. Poverty and the effects of poverty on our society are much more complex topics and require thoughtful analysis and discussion.

      Should we spend equal time discussing reality of white supremacy and racism that continue to produces the chronic inequities in our society. Why is a public school in upper NW equipped with the finest resources and schools in the inner city equipped with the worse resources. Many other examples of this phenomenon can be cited. Poverty creates an environment that breeds this dysfunctional behavior.

      I encourage a more thoughtful and reasoned dialogue regarding the problems of our youth. I suggest we spend some time with the work of Jonathan Kozol (among others)to better understand the challenges of our neighbors. Then develop effective solutions that combat poverty.
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