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882a response please?

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  • Tina DCTina
    Dec 23, 2005
      A few days ago I posted an email regarding brazen
      ARMED robberies in BROAD DAYLIGHT taking place with
      frequency in the alley on the north side of Florida
      Ave NE and surrounding blocks. Given the nature of
      these crimes I was honestly hoping for some sort of
      response from MPD with regard to what if anything is
      being done about ensuring the safety of the residents
      in this area as well as any information regarding
      these crimes, i.e. status of investigation, any
      increased patrols,etc. I know police reports have been
      filed. We know it is the work of 2 black males who
      apparently have no fear, performing these acts during
      the day. We're all very concerned about this and are
      anxious to know what is being done. A response would
      be greatly appreciated.

      Yahoo! for Good - Make a difference this year.
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