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7554Re: [MPD-5D] 300 block of W Street NE needs immediate police presence 24/7 - picture from last night attached

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  • Steven Conn
    Mar 7, 2010
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      Dear Commander Greene, Chief Lanier, and Mayor Fenty, thank you all for your continued dedication to our block.
      Hopefully Ward 5 Asst U.S. Attorney Trena Carrington may bring her resources (nuisance property designation, etc) since all crime starts and ends at several specific properties on our block. These homes have plagued us for as long as I've been here (5 years).
      My neighbor Janice gave up the fight a little over a year ago, and last fall my neighbor Angela had to move out of her house as well. Now there are only two households left (myself and my neighbor). If dinner guests can't even feel safe enough to get out of their cars and come into my home, we're at an all time low - and it's only getting worse - especially if it's already this bad before it's warm out.
      I strongly urge DC MPD to enforce the public drinking laws. Twice when I called last night to have the loiterers broken up, I watched from my window as they poured out their cups and vacated the block. I didn't hear the officers tell them to pour out their bevs, but  I guarantee if the officers had arrested them, they would have found plenty more than just alcohol. I do however sympathize with the officers, since they probably don't want to do all the paperwork to arrest them for minimal things like public intox, since the DC Judicial System just spits lawbreakers right back out. But if officers were to use the public intox as probable cause, I know they'd find weapons, etc if they searched the person. I see weapons stashed in their jeans when they lift their shirts all the time.
      Thanks again for your dedication to our block. I appreciate it being kept on the radar screen.
      Best regards,


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      Subject: Re: [MPD-5D] 300 block of W Street NE needs immediate police presence 24/7 - picture from last night attached


      Steve we will continue to rotate the light tower through the area and vice officers will come through as well. The beat officers will spend more time in the block and continue to move the subjects on, please keep me informed about any suspicious observations as you have done in the past.
      Commander Lamar D. Greene

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      Subject: [MPD-5D] 300 block of W Street NE needs immediate police presence 24/7 - picture from last night attached


      Dear Commander Greene, please dispatch the light towers, 24/7 police presence, whatever needs to be done to thwart the loiterers and drug dealers that continue to hold the 300 block of W Street NE hostage on a daily basis. Everyday I call to have Residential Parking Permit enforced to try and get them off my block, but it's not working.
      Attached is a picture I snapped out my upstairs window of the 14 loiterers perched on my fence, immediately in front of the house, and there were countless others up and down the 300 block of W Street NE last night, 06MAR10. My other concerned neighbor and I had to call 911 several times last night. Although the loiterers are dispersed, they always re-congregate after the police cruisers leave the block.
      Dinner guests due to join me in my home canceled when they drove up. I wouldn't get out of my car either. In turn, I'm held hostage in my own home. I am absolutely ashamed to live in this community. There is NOWAY this type of behavior would be tolerated in other parts of D.C.

      Help is needed immediately. I am also attaching a picture from last year, taken 24APR09 showing the daily block parties. This is an annual problem, and we're losing the battle for our block. The 300 block of W Street NE (the drug drive-thru, as I call it) needs immediate and constant police presence.
      Thanks and best regards,

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