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  • Gigi Ransom
    Mar 5, 2010
      Ms. Hazel,
      Don't know if this issue has been forwarded to you.  It is about visitors to DC who go to polcie stations to get visitors parking passes, or those who have rental cars who also receive parking tickets.  Can you shed some light on this issue, which has been posted to the 5D listserv for some time.  I went to your site, at the follwoing link: http://dmv.dc.gov/serv/registration/ROSA.shtm per the information shared below.  For example, if you have an overnight visitor from time to time, would this apply and what would be the fee?
      I know this is a challenging subject matter, but citizens are concerned about getting parking tickets after doing what they were told is the right thing

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      You can look up at the DMV service location on C Street what they call a Rosa Exemption (stands for registration of out of state automobiles) . Hope this helps

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      Hi Ms Ransom ... I live on West Virginia Ave and have had this same problem for some time now where my friend who has MD tags visits me overnight for the weekend and either gets ticketed or warning tickets for not displaying DC tags. I have obtained the 15 day permits from 5D and he has still been ticketed with the permit displayed in his window. I cannot understand why taxpaying DC residents cannot have visitors overnight without being harrassed by parking enforcement. I also know that this does not happen in some other areas of the city. Please tell me what type of permit I need to get so that this can stop. Thank you
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      From: Gigi Ransom <gigir1829@yahoo. com>
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      If it is determined that DPW parking enforcement wrote these tickets, please have your ANC contact the DPW ANC liaison, or contact Kevin Twine to have referred to appropriate DPW management person to discuss this matter.  Remember, due to snow storms, they are behind in writing tickets.  Sometimes parking officers are "over zealous" in writing tickets.  Gigi

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      Yes, you can get a Visitor Parking Pass; however, that still does not prevent you from getting the tickets as it seems that the DMV officers do not pay attention to the passes.

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      Trey Houston

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      Aren’t there two varieties of ticket here?  One for parking in an RPP zone with no RPP, and the other, a failure to register an out of state vehicle?


      According to the DMV site, you can get a permit for a rental car for up to 15 days.  http://dmv.dc. gov/serv/ parking/resident_ rental_car. shtm  


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      I now have a rental car and is afraid that I may get a ticket. Do I need to obtain a Visitor's Parking permit even though I live on Queen Street ? I will only have it for 2 days; thanks to a neighbor sliding into my car in the blizzard.

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      > Hello,
      > Does the Visitors Parking Permit mean anything to the Officers? The
      > reason I ask is because there was an attempted theft on my car recently and I am
      > currently using a rental car with VA tags until it is repaired. I did not
      > want to get a ticket, so I obtained a Visitors Parking Permit from 5D. I
      > have received two tickets (Fail to secure DC Tags/Recipro) since 2/16/10
      > and I am wondering why; the permit doesn't expire until 3/2/10. Fighting
      > these tickets are very inconvenient, especially since my understanding is that
      > I should not be receiving these tickets. Is there someone that can
      > explain this to me? Thank you.
      > Trey
      > On Holbrook Street, NE