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7200Re: [MPD-5D] Tow truck

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  • khenderson029@aol.com
    Jan 7, 2010
      I believe writing a ticket for this infraction is an appropriate way to address this matter. Doing so will bring relief to the community and send a message that sliding-scale lawless behavior will not be tolerated.
      Kathy Henderson
      In a message dated 1/7/2010 7:40:57 A.M. Pacific Standard Time, klee@... writes:

      Questioning the law was not my intention. I understand, and I agree. I
      wouldn't want a tow-truck parking in front of my house every night

      I only asked in case there's any way (official or unofficial) that
      someone in this situation can make the ticket-writers' jobs any easier
      (leaving a note in the window, obtaining a "limited" residential
      parking permit, etc.) and also maybe protect himself from getting a

      From what I can tell, ticket-writers assigned to certain areas (and
      familiar with different vehicles and the habits of their drivers) do a
      pretty good job of exercising common sense in this respect. They
      realize carpet cleaners, electricians, etc., may not be able to finish
      a job in two hours. But I've had service people whose work (I felt)
      suffered because they were distracted by the mere THOUGHT of getting a
      ticket. Other companies - usually based in the suburbs - have cited
      parking concerns as an alleged reason for avoiding certain DC

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      Grabbing some lunch, working on the computer, and taking a nap is
      different than parking overnight in a residential community. This is
      why there is a two-hour limit for residential parking, and the fact
      that residents have sent an email stating that this vehicle is always
      parked in the community gives us cause for concern. We have taken
      steps to address this vehicle by issuing tickets.

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