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6281Re: Abandoned vehicle 3700 Block of 12th St, N.E.

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  • x2j785
    Jul 31, 2009
      TX for the response. The vehicle in question now has ONE (01) Temp tag, pasted on the interior of the back window. There is NOTHING on the front portion of the car.

      I know that it is a common thing to do in order to 'safeguard' the temporary tag, BUT not doing it properly is a violation. I know because I was cited - 2 nights in a row - and someone tried to STEAL the tags. My 'story' didn't seem to hold water with the adjudication people on C Street. The fines are $50.00 each.

      Otis, Perry streets have room for someone who might be hard pressed for cash for 'what ever reason' to 'hide' their parking infractions as they haven't abided by the law.

      I'm tired! I have to comply - THEY have to comply. Sorry.
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