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5876Re: [MPD-5D] Civility Regarding an ill-Conceived Project

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  • Debbie Smith
    Jun 4, 2009
      Kathy,  While we all know how passionate you are about community issues, I don't know if you realize how abrasive and arrogant you come across.  We hear the urgency in your message even though you come across as if you  are talking down to someone or as if you are their mother.  We know you have been in the forefront within your Langston/Carver community regarding Public Safety and still are.  However, your approach towards individuals on all of the listserv's are coming across a little indigent.
      Words of caution:  Since you are considering a run for Council maybe you might want to reconsider how you address issues.
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      Sent: Wednesday, June 03, 2009 9:00 PM
      Subject: Re: [MPD-5D] Civility Regarding an ill-Conceived Project

      Please refrain from addressing matters that you have limited to no information about. There are three persons that dropped the ball, allowing this project to move forward. They are:
          1.    Former 5B08 Commissioner Elise Bernard who was apprised of this ill-conceived project and
                 did not take any substantive action to stop it.
          2.    ANC 5B Chairman, William Shelton who was apprised of this ill-conceived project and did absolutely
                 NOTHING to stop it from moving forward; he did not inform the affected Commissioners and did
                 not bother to even comment on the project
          3.    Councilmember Thomas who was briefed about the project and did NOTHING to stop it from moving
                 forward, then misrepresented to the 5B10 community that he knew nothing about the project and did
                 not support it.
      The sources of my information are credible and the foregoing statements are factual. This project is nightmarish in scope because it proposes to put mentally ill woman recovering from substance abuse and a host of other problems right in the middle of a location that is frequented by drug dealing and let us not forget the Methadone clinic two blocks away. How are these fragile persons supposed to recover in what is decidedly not a therapeutic environment? What protections are there for the residents? This project is going to erode our public safety further and drain Fifth District resources. This community should not have been put in harms way by what is an ill-conceived project.
      Kathy Henderson

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