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5701Re: [MPD-5D] Response to Mr. Clark's accusation

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  • justin marlow
    May 6, 2009
      I'm actually saying nothing of the  sort I do believe Mr. clark need to realize that Police Officers are human and they make mistakes also and just because an Officer makes a mistake doesn't mean they should be labeled. I'm simply asking Mr. Clark to consider this situation with a sound mind and ask has he ever made a mistake at his job, has he ever came to work in a bad mood and does that mean his crediability for his entire career should be on the line. I think not so I'm saying something. I'm not profiling Mr. Clark as a racist because I know how it feels to be mad a rush to judgement I was simply asking Mr. Clark to reconsider his wording a understand the over all need of the Officers in his community and the good they do.

      Thank you for bring this issue up Mrs. Celestine my interaction is never personal.


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      Subject: Re: [MPD-5D] Response to Mr. Clark's accusation

      I think Mr. Marlow and Mr. Henderson are profiling Clark as a racist and I don't think they should do that. 

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      From: justin marlow <jmpa19151@yahoo. com>
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      Subject: Re: [MPD-5D] Response to Mr. Clark's accusation

      Also please remember that these Officers chose their profession because they love your community as their own, they are citizens that decided to step up and do something about crime. Some Officers do take their jobs personal, but that's only because they care. I would urge Mr. Clark to reconsider his wording on his post, how could that officer be profiling when the Edgewood Community, like most communities in DC are predominately Black.

      Finally I would like to remind Mr. Clark that everyday the Officers of the 5th district like police Officers everywhere combat crimes that are much more apparent face to face than they are on a crime statistic report. These Officers work diligently to provide the safety you live in. The Edgewood community has come a long way and the Officers key focus has be to deter some of the crimes being committed by the Juveniles in the community I know the community as a whole appreciates their efforts.

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      From: mhenderson797 <mhenderson797@ comcast.net>
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      Sent: Tuesday, May 5, 2009 10:52:14 AM
      Subject: [MPD-5D] Response to Mr. Clark's accusation

      I too am troubled by Mr. Clark's accusation that because he was pulled over for a traffic infraction our MPD officers must be "profiling". We must be very careful when using such language because, as we all know, discussions about race can quickly become inflammatory. Profiling is often equated with racism, something that cities like the District of Columbia find truly reprehensible. Therefore, to make such a profoundly disparaging claim in such a public forum (this listserv) is a questionable action to say the least.
      I am also disappointed that Mr. Clark chooses to sign his accusation:" President, Edgewood Civic Association" . This of course implies that the residents of Edgewood are in agreement with him. Since this incident has not even been brought before the association, one should not make that assumption. I myself have lived in Edgewood for several years, and am happy to see our officers doing their jobs. I have built and maintain the EdgewoodDC website, the EdgewoodDC Listserv, and I also serve as Recording Secretary for the Citizens' Advisory Council of the Metropolitan Police Department's Fifth District. If the officer was disrespectful to Mr. Clark, then a response to remedy the situation is certainly in order. However, when putting our words in print, we must choose our words carefully, particularly those who hold office.

      Michael J. Henderson
      200 Block of Adams Street NE

      --- In MPD-5D@yahoogroups. com, mike clark <drwawa@...> wrote:
      > On Saturday May 2 at 8:45 am as I was returning from dropping my child off at school to take her SAT Exam, I was pulled over by an MPD  police officer for not wearing my seat belt. When I was stopped at the intersection of 2ND and V st. NE. at the stop sign the officer was to my right also stopped in full view of me in my vehicle.When the officer pulled me over on  2 ND street he approached my vehicle and I asked him why was I being stopped and he said I was not wearing my seat belt and I said that as you can see I am wearing my seat belt and he asked for my drivers license and went back to his car. Upon returning to my vehicle he said that he was giving me a verbal warning. I said that we have been appreciative with the increase police presence in our community but that I would talk with Lt. Ronald Wright and Sgt. Smalls that we would not use this as a form of harassment.. The officer then asked for my license again and proceeded to write me a
      > ticket and was not very respectful. I have lived in this community for over 20 years and have seen some very bad times in this Eckington community.Have your officers been giving the green light to profile certain residents in our community? My son was stopped while walking to the NY. Ave Metro Station on his way to and from school, was this "Probable cause"? We have a lot of fine MPD officers on the front lines doing their jobs in a professional manner and this officer that I encountered was not one of them.I do not feel that this officer has the best interest of the community on his mind and will do this again if this is not addressed by his superiors..There are a lot of request for more police presence in our community for we all want to have a safe place to live and to raise our families, but not at the expense of our civil rights.Commander Greene I asked for his name and badge # but he turned away from me and it is not legible on the ticket.I will
      > to 5d and see if they can get the information from the ticket #.. Summer is coming and school will soon be out, Dept. of Parks and Rec. is in disarray and we All need to work together for our whole community!
      > Thank You!
      > Michael Clark
      > President:Edgewood Civic Association
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