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5653RE: [MPD-5D] Multiple gun shots last night - brookland/woodridge

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  • Greene, Lamar (MPD)
    Apr 30, 2009


      In the 3000 block of 16th street ne (16th and Monroe ) units responded for the sounds of gunshots, we found a car at that location that appeared to be the target of the shots.  The car was struck multiple times, however the owner was not on the scene.  We are investigating the circumstances and what could have lead to this destruction of property.

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      Subject: [MPD-5D] Multiple gun shots last night - brookland/woodridge


      Dear MPD,

      About 2 am last night, I heard 12 rapid gun shots, some squealing tires and a car rapidly turn onto what sounded like Rhode Island . I then heard the police response. Hard to tell exactly where this was - but somewhere in the 15th to 22nd area between Monroe and Rhode Island , from the sound of the car.

      Any further details ? The gun shots sounded much closer than I have ever heard them before.

      -Dave on Kearney

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