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550Re: [MPD-5D] re: karen's post

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  • Bill and Rob
    Aug 5, 2005
      Police walking the street don't stop crime. The crime
      just moves. Respect needs to built and learned. This
      does not happen over night. This happens by enforcing
      all crimes...no matter how real they are. A "real
      crime" is less likely to impact you than a traffic
      incident within the DC area. You are likely, as a
      pedestrian or driver, to be in an accident and receive
      injury every five years (this does not include the
      accidents without injury).

      As for not having a neg-impact on quality of
      life...would like to meet my sister who has had three
      major back surgery as a result of a car accident? The
      amount of money our car insurance would decrease
      because of fewer accidents and safer roads couold go
      to hiring more security.

      What you are asking for is more of the same...a
      reactive police force. What I'm asking for an
      offensive police force. Detering crime through respect
      of the law. If someone believes that they are unable
      to get away with a minor crime, then why would they
      believe they can get away with a felony?

      It's time for a transition within the police force. A
      focus on sting opperations and reaction to felony
      crimes, while training and building a force that can
      deal with minor offenses like traffic violation.
      During a routine traffic stop, the office can check a
      person's police record, see if there is any just cause
      to search a car to find weapons and drugs. If they are
      found, the officer may have just prevented a felony
      from taking place.

      We can wait for the criminal to make himselve or
      herselve known to us after committing the crime. we
      must deal with the higher risk of the crime taking
      place at this time. Patrols are good, but why pay for
      an officer to drive around, waiting for a crime to
      happen. That office could be doing other things, like
      pulling over speeders and making the road safer or
      removing loiters or fining litters. So much needs to
      get done and no elected officials are doing anything
      about it.

      --- Tobias Kienle <tfkienle@...> wrote:

      > I couldn't agree more. I'm much more concerned
      > about
      > drug dealing (which is the cause of most of the
      > violence) than traffic violations, with the
      > exception
      > of ignoring ped crossings & school zones. People
      > need
      > to understand police, and city, resources are
      > limited.
      > I don't want MPD focusing on anything but the most
      > serious cases of reckless driving. I would prefer
      > they focus on the real crimes. An officer writing a
      > traffic ticket is taken away from his beat for 15
      > minutes or more. And I'd like to see more foot-beat
      > patrolling & community-oriented policing. The
      > problem
      > w/ all the car-based patrolling is that criminals
      > see
      > the car coming, lay low, then come right back out &
      > pick up where they left off. Its too predictable,
      > and
      > the car/officer is out of the area in seconds. A
      > better balance between foot, bike & car patrols
      > needs
      > to be reached, which would save money also.
      > While it may statistically be true that you are more
      > likely to be involved in a traffic incident, this
      > doesn't have the negative quality-of-life
      > implications
      > of drug-related violence. I don't worry about some
      > guy rolling through a stop sign or speeding. If you
      > live in a city, you get savvy & learn to work around
      > that. But I do worry about some thugs deciding my
      > street is the OK Corral & getting caught in the
      > crossfire. Violence & hard crime weighs on the
      > spirit
      > and affects attitude/mood more than minor crimes. I
      > doubt the people around N. Cap/1st/Bates are sitting
      > around thinking "gee, I hope I don't see someone
      > roll
      > through a stop sign while I'm out walking the dog".
      > TK
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