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5165Taking Back Our Streets

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  • khenderson029@aol.com
    Feb 10, 2009
      Yesterday, we were barely enjoying the spring-like weather when someone started shooting in the 1100 block of Queen Street, NE. Though shot several times, the victim is still alive.
      We cannot surrender our community to criminals. We will redouble our efforts to work with police to keep this community safe.  Neighborhood safety patrols are a simple but effective strategy to help the police reduce crime.  Every law-abiding citizen needs to stand up and say no. We cannot tolerate someone shooting in our midst while expecting us to remain quiet. It is time for every Trinidad resident to take a stand against crime! If you are a member of a safety patrol in your neighborhood, we need you too. Dedicated "orange hats" and Guardian Angels routinely patrol in different neighborhoods. I plan to help Woodridge citizens patrol their community on Thursday.
      Citizens, Guardian Angels and our Fifth District police will gather at the corner of 15th and Queen Street, NE on Tuesday, 2-10-09, at 7:00 p.m. to stand up for our community. Please join us. We will not allow criminals to claim the first warm days of the season or any days in our community. If we say and do nothing now, our summer will be a living hell!
      This is our community and we are taking it back!
      Kathy Henderson

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