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455Bates and Q Street alley arrests

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  • Scott Shappell
    Jul 18, 2005
      This was submitted to the truxtoncircle.org Dispatch. Can you release any
      further details?

      Scott Shappell

      From a Truxton Circle resident:

      Late Sunday night, police made two arrests in the 100-block alley between
      Bates and Q Street. It started when a car without lights came speeding
      across Bates Street from the alley between Bates and P Street and pulled
      into an unoccupied driveway. MPD almost instantly arrived in the alley and
      ordered the driver and passenger out of the car and cuffed them. Police
      pulled something from one of subjects' pockets and searched the car and
      immediate area.

      Anyone with more details?

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