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4387Re: [MPD-5D] Re: Protecting Our Community

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  • khenderson029@aol.com
    Sep 6, 2008
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      Ms. Donnelly:
      I have included the entire section from which you extracted your partial quote. It reads as follows:
      Increasingly, this community which is partially located in Trinidad, has endured horrific levels of violence, forcing our police to respond strongly and often. We believe the police cannot fight crime alone and we must address all elements that contribute to crime and disorder, including protesting alcohol establishments that operate contrary to the law.
      Your response is interesting. Do you disagree with my point that alcohol establishments that operate outside of the law contribute to crime and disorder in a community? If so, I strongly encourage you to contact the National Institute for Drug Abuse, which can provide you with ample research confirming the increase in crime and disorder in communities that have businesses that sell alcohol; this is especially true for businesses that operate outside of the law. Jimmy Valentine's Lonely Hearts Club is located within 1200 feet of six other establishments that sell alcohol and is quickly becoming part of the problem because of the trash, unattractive, damaged facade and disgruntled owner. Let's not forget the police have been called to the establishment more than once.
      The fact remains that the majority of citizens residing in ANC 5B10 do not support this establishment, which is located within ANC 5B10. It has been my experience that the most vocal supporters of this establishment are Mr. Thorp's friends and persons who generally live outside of ANC 5B10. If you take issue with my stance to advocate for my community, so be it. I believe our community is worth fighting for and we deserve increased public safety not less. No community should have to tolerate a business that negatively affects the area in which it is located.
      Kathy Henderson

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