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4114Re: [MPD-5D] Bothersome property on the 6ooth Block of Girard Street NE

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  • MannyMann
    Jul 31, 2008
      They are out here in full force tonight all confregating in front of 640 Girard Street NE. smoking drinking and selling drugs.

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      This is jusr follow up to let you know that Ms. Chase on my staff will follow up with MPD

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      Subject: [MPD-5D] Bothersome property on the 6ooth Block of Girard Street NE

      Mr. Thomas,
      I'm at my wits end with my block, I've have been here for nine years now and fighting the drug problem around here is crazy. Now that they have housed 640 Girard street NE with tenants, the drug activity in and around this building is off the chain, and it is based around this one tenant on the ground floor It is apparent that she is on the voucher system, she has a lot of kids and don't work. I have no problem with that because I grew up as a welfare recipient until my family was able to do better and get off the program. I do have a problem with all the drug dealers that are in and out of her house and hanging out in front of our homes. They are noisy, they litter, they smoke weed, they drink, they gamble, cars are constantly blocking and driving up and down the street and crack heads are constantly around. There is even a person with MD State FOP tags coming around here to buy drugs. None of the drug dealers live around here. This is no situation for children to be in. Nor is this a place for me to live in.
      One of the main problem is that there is no real investigations. Police drive around in obvious police cars and state "well nothing is going on"....ask the home owners! I've sang the same ol songs for years and I've heard the same ol' thing for years, "we will boost up patrol", " we will give you a call to work with you". Well that is only temporary because the patrols become scarce and stop. the Housing authority don't care enough to properly monitor their voucher recipients. I'm tired of the non-support from the government, especially since I'm doing what I'm suppose to do. I'm at the point that hate coming home, because i wonder who is blocking the street, how much trash will I have to clean up, who is blocking me from getting to my home or how noisy is it today, will i be able to sit on my porch. Maybe you don't care, but I'm ready to move out of DC altogether.
      Yours for a better neighborhood

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